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Just some of our suppliers ...

Hamamatsu - cameras, slide scanners & photonic measurements       Noldus - Behavioral observation systems       Harvard Apparatus - Bioresearch equipment       Sutter Instruments - micropipette fabrication & micromanipulators
Moor Instruments - Laser Doppler Blood flow measurement       Sable Systems - Metabolic & Activity Measurement       BIOPAC - Data Acquisition & Analysis       Plexon - Neurotechnology Research Systems
Panlab - Animal Activity       Warner Instruments - Electrophysiology & Cell Biology       MDC - Axon Instruments       Applied Biophics - ECIS Culture Stimulation       BTX - Electroporation Equipment
Coulbourn Instruments - Animal Activity       David Kopf - Stereotaxic Instruments       Siskiyou - Laboratory Mechanicals for Life Sciences & Photonics       A-M Systems - Neuroscience & Physiology       Digitimer - Electronics for physiology research
CMA - Microdialysis       SmartEye - Eye Tracking       Lumencor - Light Engines      
TMC - Antivibration tables       Starr Life Sciences - Mouse-Ox      


You may not find every product from these manufacturers on these pages, so if you can't find what you want please ask for a catalog or browse the manufacturer's website.

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