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New Name!

We have recently changed our company name - we were formerly SDR Clinical Technology.
The new name more clearly indicates our main range of products.
But we are the same company and our Customer Sales and Support Team remains ready to help you.

Just some of our suppliers ...

Hamamatsu - cameras, slide scanners & photonic measurements       Noldus - Behavioral observation systems       Harvard Apparatus - Bioresearch equipment       Sutter Instruments - micropipette fabrication & micromanipulators
Moor Instruments - Laser Doppler Blood flow measurement       TMC - Antivibration tables       BIOPAC - Data Acquisition & Analysis       Plexon - Neurotechnology Research Systems
Panlab - Animal Activity       Warner Instruments - Electrophysiology & Cell Biology       MDC - Axon Instruments       Applied Biophics - ECIS Culture Stimulation       BTX - Electroporation Equipment
Coulbourn Instruments - Animal Activity       David Kopf - Stereotaxic Instruments       Siskiyou - Laboratory Mechanicals for Life Sciences & Photonics       A-M Systems - Neuroscience & Physiology       Digitimer - Electronics for physiology research
CMA - Microdialysis       SmartEye - Eye Tracking       Lumencor - Light Engines      


You may not find every product from these manufacturers on these pages, so if you can't find what you want please ask for a catalog or browse the manufacturer's website.

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