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Activity Instruments

We are pleased to distribute a range of Animal Activity instruments from Panlab and Coulbourn Instruments
(both Harvard Apparatus companies).

This page shows only a selection of the available equipment - please email us to discuss your exact requirements.

For animal tracking software, please see our Ethovision page.

Acoustic Startle System

The Coulbourn Instruments Animal Acoustic Startle System provides a completely automated environment in which to implement all of the commonly employed startle protocols. Procedures such as habituation, pre-pulse, inhibition and fear-potentiated startle are easily accomplished. The system is computer-based and all stimulus parameters are specified by completing entries in Windows and are available from a single screen. Experiment protocols are saved to disk files.

  • New, integrated design featuring built-in microphones within the acoustic chambers for automated SPL calibration
  • Runs up to FOUR different protocols simultaneously

Download the Startle System brochure

Rodent Activity Wheel & Cage


The Panlab RotaRod provides an easy way to test the effects of drugs, brain damage, or diseases on motor coordination or fatigue resistance in rodents. Basically, the animal is placed on the roller lane of the Rotarod and the timer is started. When the animal drops safely into its own lane, the time latency to fall (minutes and seconds) and rotation speed are automatically recorded. A removable upper separator is included to prevent interference between animals running in adjacent lanes.

Harvard Coordin8 Rotarod System

Harvard Coordin8 Rotarod System

A complete Rotarod system comprising wheel, controller/analyser, and Windows software, which tests coordination rather than fatigue.

  • Wheels have independent bidirectional motor drive and shock system
  • Analyser controls up to 4 wheels (up to 2 controllers per computer)
  • Windows software allows creation of speed/shock profiles, including rod direction, acceleration and test duration.
  • Suitable for mice and rats
Harvard Activ8 Activity Monitor

Harvard Activ8 Activity Monitor

The Activ8 system provides real-time activity monitoring using a container fitted with infra-red light beam sensors. The system consists of the monitor container, controller, and Windows software.

  • Monitor available with 8 or 16 sensors, plus optional z-axis sensor
  • Beam spacing is 5 cm (8 sensors) or 2.5 cm (16 sensors)
  • Dimensions 49 x 53 cm
  • Data export from software to spreadsheet programs

For video-based animal tracking, please see our Ethovision page

Tail Flick Analgesia Meter

Tail Flick Analgesia Meter

A reaction timer using radiant heat as the stimulus, for rapid screening of analgesic drugs.

  • Triggered by footswitch
  • Reads to 0.1 second
  • Temperature at tail settable by 10-turn dial
Hotplate Analgesia Meter

Hotplate Analgesia Meter

A manual hotplate for screening with the classic "Hot Plate Test"

  • Accuracy 0.5 ºC from 45 to 62 ºC
  • Timer readout in 0.1 s increments
  • Includes footswitch to start test

For further details, please see Harvard's online catalog pages.

For animal tracking software, please see our Ethovision and DanioVision pages.

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