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Activity Monitoring

When mice (or rats) are wandering around their cages and simply being mice (or rats), they interact with the various sensors in their cages - the mass sensors attached to their food and water dispensers, their body mass sensor, their running wheel, and their X-Y open-field position sensor, for example.

In the Promethion system, each interaction is precisely recorded with a heartbeat of one second. This makes it possible to construct a detailed analysis of the animal's behaviour. Automated Behavioural Analysis can now be achieved by Ethoscan from Sable Systems.

Voluntary Exercise Wheel Activity Monitoring

The Promethion wheel monitoring system incorporates a durable, stainless steel wheel into the cage for 180 or 360 degree monitoring of voluntary wheel revolutions. Designed to integrate with calorimetry, the wheel monitoring data can easily be synchronized with RQ, VO2, beambreak activity, or any other parameter of the Promethion system.


The in-cage enrichment wheel provided with the Promethion wheel monitoring systems is designed not to restrict flow around the wheel ensuring the most accurate and repeatable calorimetry data.

The Promethion wheel monitoring system provides superior temporal resolution with real time monitoring of revolutions per minute permitting energy expenditure during running and resting periods to be easily differentiated.

Made of stainless steel, the wheel is autoclavable allowing the animal care facility to use existing cleaning and sterilizing systems reducing maintenance time and providing higher throughput for your system.

Product Details

  • Compatible with and synchronized to calorimetry data
  • Real time (up to 10Hz) speed data
  • Total distance traveled
  • In-cage enrichment device
  • Available wheel stop
  • Autoclavable running wheel

Open Field Activity Monitoring

Promethion beambreak activity monitor enables real time analysis of total activity with a 0.25cm calculated centroid. Designed to be modular the Promethion beambreak activity monitor can easily be used stand alone, or synchronized with metabolic measurement and other elements of the Promethion system.


Capable of ignoring fixed objects, the Promethion beambreak activity monitor allows the user the flexibility of using standard or customized cages without interfering with activity monitoring.

The Promethion beambreak activity monitor analysis software provides graphic representation of position within the cage, calculates total distance traveled, displays rearing information, and stores raw position vs. time data for other traceable, quantifiable analyses of activity level.

Product Details

  • Real time position recorded (450Hz scan rate)
  • 1cm position resolution (0.25cm calculated centroid position)
  • Software ignores fixed objects
  • Data coordinated with calorimetry
  • Total distance traveled
  • Not cage specific - 2 sizes available
  • Adjustable arrays to accommodate different animal sizes
  • Available as an XY only monitor, or with rearing option

  • Environmental Sensor Array

    The Promethion ESA provides the unique ability to detect subtle or significant signals in the experimental operating environment that may influence research quality or confound its analysis. Intrusive disturbance, variations in temperature or barometric pressure, the impact of sound or light level: You will be able to see and document possible triggers for anomalous animal or cellular behaviors that typically go unexplained. Now you have an indicator of relevance or irrelevance. Now you can evaluate the data and avoid the debate.


    The Promethion ESA acts as an environmental "hexacorder", capturing 6 different parameters at once: humidity, barometric pressure, temperature, light, occupancy and sound. Information captured is integrated and synchronized with Sable's Promethion MetaScreen, CaloScreen or SableScreen data collection and analysis software applications, allowing researchers to correlate environmental changes with study data.

    Product Details

  • Provides surveillance over the study environment
  • Detects environmental changes that may affect study results
  • Integrates with Sable Promethion systems for correlation with respirometry, calorimetry, metabolic and behavioral data
  • Includes flexible tripod mount for precise positioning
  • Download the ESA Brochure (1.9MB)

    For more information and pricing details on Promethion systems, please email us or visit the Promethion web site.

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