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We distribute in Australia and New Zealand (in most cases) for the following manufacturers. These are links to their own websites (opening in a new browser window).

Please note that our very brief descriptions may not adequately represent the full range of these manufacturers!

A-M SystemsElectrophysiology
BioSpherixCell Culture Equipment
Applied BiophysicsAutomated Cell Monitoring
BodycapCore Temperature Monitoring
BiopacData Acquisition Systems
BraintreeLab Research Products
BTXElectroporation Equipment
CMAMicrodialysis Systems
CedrusSimulus Presentation Software
DigitimerPhysiological Electronics
EicomElectrochemical Detection
FISOPressure sensing catheters
FluigentSmart Microfluidics
HamamatsuCCD Cameras & Photonic Measurement
HamamatsuNanoZoomer Digital Pathology
HamamatsuHCIMage Imaging Software
Harvard ApparatusEverything for Life Sciences
HokansonNon-invasive BP & Flow
Hugo SachsOrgan Systems & Electronics
ImpedimedBody Composition Analysis
IonoptixCalcium & Contractility
LumencorLight Engines
MarzhauserMicromanipulators & Stages
Molecular DevicesNeuroscience (Axon CNS)
MoorLaser Doppler
MuromachiMicrowave Fixation
NoldusBehavioural Observation & Recording
OkolabMicroscope Incubators
Omega OpticalOptical Filters
PanlabNIBP & Behavioural
PhysitempTemperature Measurement
PlexonNeurotechnology Systems
Quest ScientificNoise Cancellation
Rapp OptoElectronic   Photometry & Photolysis
RedShirtImagingUltra-Fast Imaging
Saint GobainTygon and other tubing
Sable SystemsMetabolic & Activity Measurement
RWDPre-clinical Surgical Solutions
Siskiyou CorporationHardware for Microscopy & Photonics
SmartEyeEye & Gaze Tracking
Starr Life SciencesMouseOx - pulse oximeter for mice
SutterPullers & Manipulators
T&T ScientificLiposome Technology
TMCAnti-vibration Tables
WarnerElectrophysiology & Microscopy

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