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Animal Sciences

Table-top Anaesthesia Machine Anaesthesia

A range of Anaesthesia Machines and accessories, suitable for small animal use.

Mouse-Ox monitoring Monitoring

Vital signs monitoring for small animals, anaesthetised or conscious.

Harvard Starling 'Ideal' Ventilator Ventilators

A range of small animal Ventilators and accessories.

Small Animal Operating Tray Surgical

A range of Operating Tables & Trays, Heated blankets and ICU equipment.

For appropriate lighting, please see our Surgical Lights page.

Universal Rodent Restrainer Animal Handling

Animal handling equipment, from rodent restrainers to bunny snuggles.

Rodent activity wheel and cage Animal Activity Instruments

Equipment for testing animal activity.

Activity sensor Animal Activity Monitoring

In-cage activity monitoring to integrate with metabolic measurements.

ImpediVet BIS Device Body Composition Measurement

Equipment for easy measurment of animal body composition.

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