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Electrode Array Systems

Electrode Array Systems & Accessories from Plexon Inc

Plexon is a pioneer in the development of innovative multichannel data-acquisition equipment and analysis software for systems neuroscience research.

  • OmniPlex neural data acquisition systems
  • BioCAM4096 high resolution MEAs - 4096 electrodes
  • Neuroexplorer data analysis package
  • Offline Sorter software for spike analysis
  • Commutators, electrodes & microdrives

OmniPlex System

OmniPlex Data Acquisition System

The OmniPlex data acquisition system is a compact, flexible platform for high performance neural data acquisition and powerful online spike sorting. The OmniPlex amplifier features superior common mode rejection and programmable analog referencing for improved artifact rejection before A/D conversion, and 16-bit, 40 kHz sampling to ensure your spike and field potential signals are acquired with sufficient precision. At the heart of the OmniPlex system is powerful software with a variety of manual and automatic spike sorting methods, multi-user control, and mixed acquisition modes (single, stereotrode, tetrode).


BioCAM4096 from 3Brain is the first commercially available large-scale high-resolution microelectrode array (MEA) platform integrating 4096 electrodes on an active sensor 2.7 mm x 2.7 mm. Based on patented CMOS technology, BioCAM4096 enables real-time acquisition of extracellular electrophysiological signals from in-vitro electrogenic cultures and brain slices at unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution.

OmniPlex System
OmniPlex System


Neuroexplorer is a neurophysiological data analysis package with a rich set of analysis options and functions. NeuroExplorer can be used to analyze data files offline, or used in realtime with the MAP System and OmniPlex System control software.

  • Spike Train Analyses
  • Continuously recorded signal analysis
  • Analysis of populations of neurons
  • Free trial version available

Offline Sorter

Offline Sorter (OFS) version 3 is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for viewing and classifying action potential waveforms (spikes) collected from single electrodes, stereotrodes, and tetrodes. Spikes can be displayed as points in either 2D or 3D feature space, where a variety of manual, semi-automated, or fully automated clustering techniques can be applied in order to classify (sort) the spikes. OFS can also perform spike extraction on continuously-recorded neural data using a variety of different thresholding methods. OFS allows verification of sorting through a variety of displays, and can calculate cluster separation statistics and sort quality metrics. The sorted spikes can be exported in several formats for subsequent analysis.

OmniPlex System
OmniPlex System

Commutators, electrodes & microdrives

Plexon offer a wide variety of accessories to complement their neuro-acquistion systems.

  • Commutators, allowing the test animal to move freely within the environment.
  • Plextrode Floating Microelectrode Array (FMA) for long-term chronic applications
  • Plextrode microwire arrays - reliable and cost-efficient
  • Lightweight, screw-driven microdrives

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