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Equipment and software for researchers in the behavioural sciences - or fields such as pharmacology and drug discovery where a behavioural component is important.

The ObserverThe Observer is a complete software solution for collection, analysis and presentation of observational data in the laboratory, workplace or field - live or from video.
EthovisionEthovision is an integrated animal tracking package using Windows-compatible software and standard video.
DanioVisionDanioVision is a complete activity monitoring system for Zebrafish larvae (Danio rerio), including a controlled-environment observation chamber, light sources, IR camera and Ethovision.
ThemeTheme is an exciting and unique new tool for the detection and analysis of patterns in time-based data.
CatWalkCatWalk is a video-based analysis system to assess locomotor deficits and gait adaptations in voluntarily walking rats or mice.
PhenoTyperPhenoTyper is a versatile video-based observation system for automation of behavioral tests with rats or mice.
FaceReaderFaceReader is a revolutionary new tool, capable of analyzing facial signals. By measuring the facial expression of a person, this new product gives you an objective indication of the person's emotional state.
Eye Tracking SystemsHigh-performance eye tracking systems, for use in neuroscience, fMRI, psychology, sport science and usability testing.

For psychophysiological testing, including skin conductance and other physiological measurements, please see our psychophysiology page.

For animal behaviour equipment, please see our Animal Activity page.

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