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Broad Spectrum Light Sources

This page is about light sources that give multiple wavebands simultaneously, including white light. For light sources that switch between wavelengths (e.g. for fluorescence microscopy), please see our Switched Wavelength page.

Filter Wheels are optional extras for these sources.


Lumencor SOLA-SM Light Engine

The SOLA SM light engine is a high performance illumination source that's as easy to operate as the light switch in your hallway. Powerful, solid state sources produce an intense spectrum of light from 380 to 680 nm, providing bright illumination of the visible wavelengths you need with no unwanted UV or Near IR to compromise your experiment.

  • Arc lamp replacement that boasts all the advantages of solid-state sources
  • Extremely stable with less than 2% drift over 24 hours of continuous operation
  • Includes liquid light guide to couple to your microscope
  • No alignment necessary
  • Lifetime > 20,000 hours (more than 10 years of 9-5 Mon-Fri)
  • No need to replace or dispose of mercury lamps - Mercury-free Microscopy!

Sutter Lambda-LS Xenon Lamp

A stand-alone Xenon Arc Lamp and power supply, compatible with most modern microscopes.

  • Xenon bulb is 175W (most standard microscope lamps are 75W)
  • Pre-aligned bulb with parabolic mirror
  • Choice of bulbs: ozone producing (down to 200 nm) or ozone free (down to 340 nm)
  • C-mount threaded optical port for direct coupling
  • Optional liquid light guide (~70% transmission) for UV delivery
  • Lamp life 1000 hrs (expected)
  • Integrated hour meter
  • Equipped with cold mirror to reduce IR output

Sutter Lambda-XL Light Source

The newest member of Sutter's optical product family, the Lambda XL is a broad spectrum, highly stable light source (±1% peak-to-peak fluctuations) with an average lamp lifetime of 10,000 hours. The connection to the microscope is made through a liquid light guide, which assures output uniformity in the field of view.

  • 10,000 hour expected lifetime
  • Low light loss throughout bulb lifetime
  • No high-voltage pulse
  • Built-in driver for filterwheel and SmartShutter
  • Filter wheel and/or Smartshutter can be accomodated within the casing
  • Very stable output
  • USB interface

Sutter Lambda-TLED Light Source

The Lambda TLED is a stand-alone LED light source that can be used with the transmitted light path of a microscope or in other applications with similar requirements.

The Lambda TLED uses a high-output white light LED making it a suitable light source for contrast methods including Phase and Differential Interference Contrast (DIC). An IR-LED version is available for IR-DIC applications.

  • >10,000 hour lifetime
  • <25 µs ON-OFF time
  • TTL control (with polarity switch)
  • Very stable output
  • Compact stand-alone design
  • Easy installation - includes mounting adaptor (for most microscope models)

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