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Burns measurement

moorLDI - Laser Doppler Imager

The laser Doppler (LD) technique assesses tissue blood flow, by analysing the Doppler shift of low power laser light from moving red blood cells. Extensive clinical trials have shown that burn wounds generally heal within 21 days where there is high LD blood flow but require grafting where LD blood flow is low.

Burn depth assessment image
Key to the image above


Single point imaging scans a laser beam back and forth across the tissue, building a blood flow map. This enables a single scan of an adult torso.

Large area imaging is a key feature of the moorLDI2-BI. Areas up to 50cm x 50cm can be mapped in one scan (rather than a sequence that needs to be "stitched" together), with scan times ranging from 40 seconds up to 2 minutes.

  • Non contact imaging

  • Scan times from 40 seconds

  • Large assessment area of up to 50cm x 50cm

  • Long reach mobile stand

  • Results available immediately

  • Both large areas (full torso) and small areas (finger) can be scanned


Line scanning uses a line of laser light to sweep quickly across the tissue, building the map more quickly. The scan size produced is smaller than single point imaging - around the size of an adult hand or the whole chest of an infant.

Rapid imaging is an essential feature of moorLDLS which is most useful when scanning patients who are unable to keep still for long. With scan times of around 4 seconds for areas up to 15cm x 20cm the system is ideal for paediatric cases and can also be used for adults with easy to use repeat imaging to cover separate wounds or adjacent areas of large burns.

  • Non contact imaging

  • Scan times from 4 seconds

  • Areas of up to 15cm x 20cm

  • Compact, battery backed mobile stand

  • Repeat image mode for multiple scans

  • Results available immediately

For more details on the moorLDI, including application & clinical notes, please visit Moor's Clinical website.

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