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Room Calorimetry

A whole room calorimeter allows energy expenditure to be calculated based on measurements of air samples (indirect calorimetry). The person being studied remains in a closed room with a constant and measured supply of fresh air. Gas analysers attached to the unit measure oxygen consumed and carbon dioxide produced. The balance of oxygen consumed and carbon dioxide produced varies according to activity and the utilisation of different fuels by the body (carbohydrate, protein and fat). In this way, the WRC not only measures a person's energy expenditure, it also evaluates their ability to burn different fuels. (Source: University of Wollongong)

The Promethion-R room calorimetry system utilizes dual analysis chains with sensors for O2, CO2, and H2O. Every moment of data is captured, while Sable's patent-pending "background baselining" protocol essentially eliminates analyzer drift. Exceptional analyzer performance allows high flow rates, minimizing the risk of hypercapnoea. Room flow rates from 50 L/min to 250 L/min can be selected, and room volumes can vary from > 30,000 L to essentially zero (mask or hood). Up and running in one day. Full response correction for any room volume is included.

Turnkey Room Calorimetry System

Sable Systems' Promethion room calorimetry system incorporates the GA-6 dual channel combined O2, CO2, and H2O analyzer with an FG-1 flow generator providing a compact, complete respirometry system capable of synchronously recording all measured parameters in a completely traceable manner.


All raw data are synchronously recorded and stored to allow the user to apply the latest algorithms for data analysis. No data are ever lost or compromised.


Designed for use with rooms, the system can easily be adapted to smaller chambers or masks with no additional expense.

Background Baselining

The patent pending GA-6 dual analyzer chain allows for baselining without interruption of data acquisition.

Water Vapour Dilution Compensation

Relative humidity is monitored in both incurrent and excurrent air streams, allowing mathematical compensation for water vapor dilution and practically eliminating scrubber chemicals.

Lifetime Technical Support

Our technical support team will ensure you get the most out of your equipment and provide advice and assistance on future applications.

Expandable Configurations

  • Room Temperature: Additional environmental sensors can be integrated into the system data stream.
  • Activity Detection: Passive infrared activity monitoring is also available.
  • Body Temperature: Third party telemeter data can be easily integrated into the data stream to provide a more complete picture of total energy expenditure.

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