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Cell & Molecular Biology

Equipment mostly - but not entirely - of interest to Cell Biologists & Molecular Biologists


A family of components for dialysis of small sample volumes, from 10 µl to 10 ml or more

ECIS Cell monitoring

ECIS (Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing) can be used for cell monitoring in studies of cell attachment and spreading, cell growth, cell motility and wound healing, cell proliferation, toxicology, and cell behaviour under flow.


Vertical & Horizontal Gel Units, for gel electrophoresis with a range or gels, and Accessories (power supplies, casting systems, blotting units, dryers etc)

ElectroPrep Dialysis

An extremely versatile sample prep technology based on electrophoresis


Electroporation Generators, cuvettes, electrodes and high-throughput plates for efficient molecular delivery by elecroporation.

Equilibrium Dialysis

Dialyzers in a variety of convenient formats for binding assays

Filtration Plates

96- and 384-well filter plates bring speed and high throughput to sample filtration on a microliter to milliliter scale


An introduction to Liposomes and Lipsome preparation equipment


A wide choice of membranes for reusable dialyzers, flow-thru dialyzers, and equilibrium dialyzers


Manual and pneumatic injectors for cell microinjection.


Microtomes, Vibratomes, Cryotomes, tissue slicers, freezing stages and accessories for sample preparation

NO, Oxygen & pH

Electrodes, sensors & systems for measuring nitric oxide, oxygen, pH, and specific ions.

Ovens & Mixers

Hybridisation Ovens and Platform Mixers

Pipettors & Dispensors

Hand Pipettors, Manual Dispensors and Pump Dispensors

Radiation Protection

A variety of shields for protection in the biological laboratory from both beta and gamma radiation

Sample Prep Tips

A revolutionary method of cleaning and concentrating proteins and other biological samples

Spin Columns

Chromatographic purification of small samples with a standard centrifuge

Ussing Systems

Ussing Chambers, chamber systems and current-voltage clamp electronics for transport studies on excised epithelia and cultured cell monolayers.

UV Illumination

Transilluminators, Hand Help Lamps, UV meters, eye protection

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