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Bath Perfusion

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Syringe Holders
Constant Flow Syringes
Manual Control Valves
Electronic Control Valves
Perfusion Switching Systems
Vacuum systems for waste aspiration
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Warner Coverslips & Tubing

Essential Supplies!

  • Polyethylene Tubing - needed for any perfusion system. Common sizes are:

    • PE-160 Tubing - use for all Series 20 and RC chambers, as well as MP and MPP manifolds, and SH-27A & SH-27G Solution Heaters. OD 1.57 mm x ID 1.14 mm; available in 3 m and 30 m lengths.
    • PE-50 Tubing - for ML series manifolds and MM manifold inputs. OD 0.965 mm x ID 0.58 mm; available in 3 m lengths
    • PE-10 Tubing - for MM manifold outputs. OD 0.61 mm x ID 0.28 mm; available in 3 m lengths
  • Coverslips - to suit all chambers; from 12 mm round to 24 x 60 mm rectangular.

  • Silicone Grease - Dow Corning 111 Grease in 130 g tubes; maintains its viscosity even in heated chamber systems.

Warner MP Series Manifolds
Warner MPP Series Manifolds

Perfusion Manifolds

Perfusion manifolds are useful wherever you need to connect multiple perfusion lines converging to a single output.

  • MP Series Manifolds - designed for gravity perfusion systems. Available with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 inputs; use PE-160 connection tubing.
  • MPP Series Manifolds - designed for pressurised perfusion systems, and have 18 g stainless steel tubing for input & output ports. Available with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 or 24 inputs; use PE-160 connection tubing.
  • MM and ML Series Manifolds - small diameter suitable for low flow rates. Available with 2, 4 or 6 inputs. The MM series uses PE-50 for input and PE-10 for output, the ML series uses PE-50 for both input and output.
Modular Syringe Holders

Modular Syringe Holders

These modular syringe holders make it simple to set up whatever you need for perfusion reservoirs. The base holder clamps to a retort stand, and extra holders for the same or different size syringes can be snapped onto either side of the base holder

  • Available for 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 and 140 ml syringes
  • Made from Delrin and stainless steel
  • Base holder clamps to any vertical stand of 9.5 to 16 mm diameter
Constant Flow Syringes

Constant Flow Syringes

A simple and effective solution to the problem of varying flow rates as syringe reservoirs become depleted. These syringes maintain a constant gravity head, typically to within 1%.

  • Available in 5, 10, 20, 30 and 60 ml sizes
  • For a suitable holder, please see the Syringe Holders above
Warner Solution/Vacuum Control Valves

Warner Solution/Vacuum Control Valves

These valves, FR-50 and FR-55S, are used for fine control of solutions in a gravity fed perfusion system or vacuum used to evacuate a chamber. When used for chamber evacuation, the FR-50 provides the fine vacuum control critical to a properly operating system.

  • Solution flow rate adjustable from 0 to 10 ml/min (at 30 cm solution head)
  • Model FR-55S includes on-off switch for interrupting the flow without disturbing the flow rate
Perfusion Valve Control Systems

Perfusion Valve Control Systems

Two models of perfusion valve systems from Warner Instruments, giving uncomplicated & reliable switching of perfusion flow.

  • Available in 2-, 4- or 6-channel (2- and 4- are expandable to 6-channel later)

  • VC-6 Standard Valves are pinch valves (solution only contacts tubing) and are 3-way (allowing flow to waste with flow off)

  • VC-6 Teflon Valves are two-way valves (on/off) useful where chemical resistance is needed

  • VC-6M Mini Valves are compact 3-way valves on a Teflon manifold (ideal with SF-77B below)

  • The VC-6 Controller switches up to 6 valves manually or by logic (TTL) input

Perfusion Fast Step

Perfusion Fast Step

A simple and effective solution delivery device for use in patch clamping and electrophysiology. Solutions flow continuously through adjacent parallel delivery tubes and a stepper motor moves the tube set so that a different tube is directed at the preparation. This gives rapid solution changes without switching through intervening solutions.

  • Supplied with 3-barrel square glass tubing: spacing is 0.7 mm and stepping between adjacent barrels is 20 msec.

  • By using theta glass pulled to a 300 um tip, stepping times of 1 msec can be achieved.

DVW Dedicated Workstation Vacuum System

The Warner DWV System is designed to facilitate removal of waste solutions from cell imaging and recording chambers. The DWV is at home in labs lacking in-house vacuum, or those having in-house vacuum needing optimisation to correct for fluctuations on the vacuum line causing problems with chamber aspiration.

  • Complete out-of-the-box aspiration system
  • Low-noise medical grade linear piston vacuum pump (one moving part)
  • Long life and quiet operation
  • Twin 2 litre flasks
  • Needle valve for vacuum adjustment
  • Vacuum gauge included
  • Please ask us for more details

For more information and pricing details, please email us.

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