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Temperature Control

For complete CO2 and temperature control, see the Microscope Incubators page

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Warner Instruments - heated platforms, inline heaters, controllers, heated syringes

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Heated Chamber Platforms

Heated Chamber Platforms

For all of Warner Instruments Series 20 Chambers, heated platforms are available. The anodised aluminium platform provides good heat distribution to the chamber, while being itself thermally insulated from the microscope stage by a plastic stage adaptor.

  • Cable assemblies for heated platforms include two thermistors (for platform and bath)
  • Non-heated platforms can be upgraded with an add-on heater kit
  • For details of chambers and stage adaptors, please see our Recording Chambers page
  • For temperature controllers, please see below
Warner SH-27B Inline Solution Heater

Warner SH-27B Inline Solution Heater

SH-Series inline solution heaters are used to warm solutions as they flow into a chamber. Their small size allows for placement close to the chamber input allowing the perfusate to be warmed immediately prior to entry.

  • The SH-27B is ideal for rapid flow systems, up to 10 ml/min
  • The SH-28 is recommended for flow rates up to 2 ml/min
  • Both models include an internal thermistor, plus thermistor-cable assembly for monitoring at a point of interest
  • Input and output connections are PE-160 tubing (see the Bath Perfusion page)
Warner Temperature Controllers

Warner Temperature Controllers

Two Models of Temperature Controller from Warner Instruments, designed to operate Heater Platforms for Series 20 chambers, or the SH-27B/28 Inline Solution Heaters.

  • Simple operation: single setpoint for temperature gives (typically) 0.1 ºC accuracy
  • Dual thermistor readout: one for the controlled device, plus extra thermistor in bath
  • Electrically quiet for sensitive recording situations
  • Available in single channel (TC-324B) and dual channel (TC-344B) models
  • May also be used to power other heaters (delivering up to 18 W into 8 ohms
Syringe Heaters

Syringe Heaters

Two models of syringe heater, for warming syringes used as perfusion reservoirs. As well as delivering warmed solution, these heaters will also ensure degassing of the perfusate.

  • Models for 5 ml (SW-5) and 60 ml (SW-60) syringes
  • Anodised aluminium body is corrosion resistant
  • May be powered by 12V battery/supply, via optional PI-1 Power Interface
  • May be powered by SW-707 Syringe Power Controller, operating up to 6 or 8 syringes
  • Warner Temperature Controllers (above) may also be used for power

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