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Fibre Optic Ringlights for Microscopy

Fibre Optic Ringlights
Standard Ringlight
Mini Ringlight
SMD/MAXI Ringlight
Adjustable 4-point Ringlight
Harvard's full range of glass fibre ringlights cover most applications in microscopy:
  • Standard Ringlight - homogenous shadow-free illumination for working distances of 40 - 90 mm. ID 66 mm - adaptors available for most microscope brands. Available with fibre optic lengths of 750, 200 or 2400 mm.

  • Compact Ringlight - homogenous shadow-free illumination for working distances of 25 - 90 mm (15 to 70 mm for M10 model). ID 66 mm - adaptors available for most microscope brands. Standard fibre optic length 750 mm.

  • Standard 4-point Ringlight - illumination with depth perception for working distances of 70 to 100 mm. ID 66 mm - adaptors available for most microscope brands. Standard fibre optic length 750 mm.

  • Mini Ringlight - homogenous shadow-free illumination for compound microscope objectives, with working distance 5 to 25 mm (25 to 175 for LWD model). Mounts on objectives 20 to 32 mm diameter. Standard fibre optic length 900 mm.

  • SMD/MAXI Ringlight - large full circular ringlight for working distances of 50 to 120 mm. Inside diameter 150 mm for SMD stations and stereomicroscope columns. Standard fibre optic length 480 mm.

  • Olympus SZ/SD Ringlight - tapered for direct mounting on SZ/SD microscopes with minimum loss of working distance. Adaptor included.

  • Cloudy Day Illuminator - large full circular diffuse ring for darkfield illumination at the microscope or camera system. Hooded to allow illumination from various angles.

  • 4-Point Adjustable Ringlight - a custom mounting ring allows each of four 3 mm light sources to individually adjusted. Only one light source required. Adaptable to most microscope brands.

Accessories for illuminators & standard/compact ringlights include:
  • Ring Polariser Set - eliminates unwanted reflections
  • Toric lens - extends the working distance from 90 to 150 mm
  • Diffuser - Reduces unwanted reflections
  • Fluorescence Filter Set - consists of excitation filter 440-480 mn for the light source, plus LP 520 nm filter at the microscope. Ideal for GFP.
  • Filters for Intralux models: blank / blue / red / green / yellow / daylight
  • Adaptors for Leica / Olympus / Nikon
  • Spare lamps
Gooseneck Light Guides
Bifucated Gooseneck
Gooseneck light guides provide illumination using semi-obedient, self-supporting arms with no springback. They are available in 4 models:
  • Single arm, 4.7 mm fibre diameter
  • Bifurcated, each arm 5.4 mm fibre diameter
  • Bifurcated, each arm 4.7 mm fibre diameter
  • Trifurcated, each arm 3.0 mm fibre diameter
Accessories include:
  • Standard focussing lens
  • Polarising cap for focussing lens
Incident Light Guides
Combination Flexible / Gooseneck

Combinations of a Flexible light guide and a Bifurcated Gooseneck are also available. These attach to the columns of most microscope brands to give incident illumination just where needed, while the light source is placed away from the microscope.

Flexible Light Guides are also available separately in lengths from 0.5 to 2 m and in diameters from 3 to 13 mm.

Glass Fibre Backlights
50 mm Backlight
Glass Fibre Backlights provide homogenous, diffuse illumination, and can be adapted to most brands of microscope base. Used for brightfield on stereo microscopes, illuminating transparencies, side illumination, dimensional gauging etc.
  • Available in three sizes: 50 x 50 mm, 75 x 75 mm, or 125 x 125 mm.
  • Uniformity: 10%
  • Suits Intralux series illuminators

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