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Zebrafish Larvae activity Monitoring

Zebrafish (Danio rerio) are becoming increasingly popular as laboratory animals. Their larvae are often used for the investigation of behavioral changes induced by novel drugs, toxins, or substances such as alcohol. DanioVision®, a new innovative observation chamber from Noldus, fulfills all the needs for zebrafish larvae tracking. It is a complete yet compact system that provides the ideal environment for accurate and reliable tracking with EthoVision® XT.


DanioVision chamber

Zebra fish are often used for the development of new transgenic and knockout models, drug development, behavioral pharmacology, and safety pharmacology. Having many advantages over rodent models, such as a large number of offspring and easy genetic manipulation, zebrafish are proven to share several genes with humans and model human biology closely. Their larvae readily absorb compounds from the surrounding water, so they are often used to determine the effects of certain drugs. In zebrafish larvae activity monitoring, their activity and movement patterns can be studied to reveal, for example, stereotyped epileptic behaviors and circadian rhythmicity.

DanioVision is a complete activity monitoring system for Zebrafish larvae, including a controlled-environment observation chamber, light sources, IR camera and Ethovision®.

  • Tracks up to 96 zebrafish larvae simultaneously
  • Automatically calculates parameters of interest
  • Compact and complete
  • Gives a reliable view with the shock-proof and distortion-free design
  • Includes everything you need: an observation chamber with backlit holder that fits any standard multi-well plate
  • Includes white and IR light sources, with an IR camera
  • White light can be controlled by Ethovision, based on time or observed behaviour
  • Other stimuli such as sound or shock can be added
  • Temperature control by a flow-though water jacket, for long experiments
  • Anti-vibration feet ensure a stable, crisp image

During acquisition, EthoVision XT automatically tracks the swim pattern of each individual larvae. Subsequently, the program calculates numerous parameters of interest. These can be based on location, speed, and path shape, such as the distance moved before and after the visible light was turned on. For each parameter EthoVision XT calculates statistics such as the mean or standard deviation. You can plot your tracks to visually compare the different trials, or visualize integrated data to see each trial with parameter values plotted in sync. You can also take your analysis one step further, and easily export your data into several statistical packages.

For more information on DanioVision please drop us an email, or visit the Noldus website.

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