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Data Acquisition Systems

BIOPAC MP150 Data Acquisition System
BIOPAC MP36R Data Acquisition System

BIOPAC Data Acquisition Systems

BIOPAC's MP150 & MP36R Data Acquisition Systems are highly successful top-quality data acquisition systems designed for the busy life sciences researcher.

  • Highly versatile & high performance, yet easy to set up and use
  • Modular system allows expansion as and when you need it
  • Additional amplifiers click on to the basic system when required
  • Huge range of amplifiers and transducers available
  • Signals can also be accepted from virtually any existing equipment
  • Electrically isolated for safe human measurement
  • Full featured friendly AcqKnowledge software for display, analysis and data export
  • Use with Windows 7 or Macintosh, connecting via Ethernet (MP150) or USB (MP36R)

BIOPAC Amplifier Modules include units for:

  • Bioimpedance (eg. respiratory, cardiac output)
  • Biopotential (ECG, EEG, EGG, EMG, EOG, EVR)
  • Gas Analysis (CO2, O2)
  • Interface (isolation)
  • Laser Doppler blood flow
  • Microelectrodes
  • Micropressure measurement
  • Non-invasive blood presssure (NIBP)
  • Temperature
  • Transducer amplifiers (GSR, Oximetry, PPG, Respiration, general purpose)

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Axon Digidata 1550 Data Acquisition System

Axon Digidata 1550 Data Acquisition System

The Axon Digidata 1550 Data Acquisition system from Molecular Devices is one of the most recent developments in the area of electrophysiology. With typical Molecular Devices quality in design and construction, the Digidata 1550 also offers a number of key benefits:

The Digidata 1550 is fully compatible with pCLAMP Electrophysiology Software for Windows.

Read the full Digidata 1550 Datasheet



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