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NeuroLog System

Digitimer NeuroLog System

The Neurolog System from Digitimer is a rack system with a wide variety of interconnecting modules for amplification, stimulation, and signal processing.

Interconnection cables are minimised in the NeuroLog by a unique system of automatically connecting module inputs and outputs via the case edge connectors. For many linear arrangements of modules, this means that the only cabling is from the preparation to the rack, and from the rack to your recording system.


NL106 AC/DC Amplifier

Amplifier Modules

A range of amplifier modules covering many areas in electrophysiology.

NL102G DC Pre Amplifier A direct coupled pre-amp for intracellular recording. Includes capacity compensation & current injection
NL104A AC Amplifier A low-noise differential AC pre-amp with 8 gain ranges and 3 high cutoff settings
NL100AK Headstage A high impedance headstage for the NL104A AC amplifier; ideal for metal microelectrodes
NL106 AC/DC Amplifier An AC/DC amplifier with similar controls to an oscilloscope vertical channel (illustrated)
NL107 Transducer Amplifier A DC bridge amplifier suitable for pressure transducers and similar devices
NL108A Pressure Amplifier A pressure transducer amplifier with two gain settings, for blood pressures, or low pressures such as intra-tracheal pressures
NL120S Audio Amplifier A power amplifier for driving a 4-8 ohm speaker, suitable for audible indication of spike trains.
NL820A Isolator Provides 4 channels of high-level signal isolation and power for pre-amps such as the NL822 and NL824.
NL822/4 Pre Amplifiers Two- and four-channel pre-amps, with switchable gain of 100, 1000 and 1000, for use with the NL820A Isolator.
NL850 Isolated pre Amplifier A pre-amp including isolation, suitable for measurement of EMG and similar signals with the NL104A amplifier
NL125 Filter

Filter Modules

Analog filter modules for basic signal conditioning.

NL125/6 Filters An active filter module (illustrated) with a low cutoff from 0.5 Hz to 5 kHz in 4 ranges, and a high cutoff of 5 kHz to 50 kHz in 4 ranges. A 50 Hz notch (60 Hz in NL126) is also provided.
NL134/5/6 4-channel Filters Four-channel second-order filters with a high-cutoff switchable from 10 Hz to 20 kHz in 14 steps, and a 50 Hz notch filter (in NL135; 60 Hz in NL136)
NL118 Octal Filter An 8-channel, first-order filter with three low-pass settings and three high-pass (time constant) settings.
NL530 4-channel Conditioner A 4-channel module ideal for interfacing to data acquisition systems, with front-panel presets for gain and offset and internal settings for low-pass filtering and clipping limits.

Generators & Stimulators

Modules for pulse generation and stimulation.

NL301 Pulse Generator An economical source of TTL pulses in a continuous train or individually by pushbutton.
NL304 Period Generator A stable pulse source which is gateable or synchronisable, with eight decades of pulse rate (illustrated).
NL401 Digital Width A retriggerable monostable pulse generator which produces output pulses of a fixed width, in six decade ranges.
NL403 Delay-Width A monostable pulse generator producing pulses of adjustable duration after an adjustable delay from the trigger pulse (both timings settable from 1 µs to 10 s).
NL603 Counter A two digit pulse counter with display that may also be used a frequency divider for constructing more complex pulse protocols.
NL510 Pulse Buffer This module converts TTL logic pulses into analog pulses of adjustable amplitude for driving a stimulus isolator.
NL800 Stimulus Isolator A battery powered opto-coupled stimulus isolator with a constant current output (10 µA to 10 mA full scale in 4 ranges). This unit stands alone for close positioning to the preparation.
NL256 Ratemeter

Analog & Computational Modules

NL201 Spike Trigger A gated amplitude discriminator for nerve spikes and other events, with separate outputs for within- above- and below-window spikes.
NL253/6 Ratemeter Ratemeter's which calculate the 'instantaneous frequency' for a pulse train, and produce an analog output proportional to the rate. Suitable for heart or respiration rate (NL253), or neural firing rate (NL256).
NL601 Pulse Integrator Produces an analog output proportional to the count of input pulses, with a full-scale of 255, 2550 or 25500 pulses. Manually or automatically reset.
NL701 Lin Display Produces an output signal which is proportional to the time interval between the last two input pulses, allowing display of firing interval. A logarithmic version (NL700) is also available.
NL702 Ratemeter An averaging type ratemeter but with a fast response to changes of input frequency. Three range settings of 100, 250 or 500 pulses per minute FS.
NL703 EMG Integrator An 'leaky' integrator following a full-wave rectifier - ideal for monitoring of EMG activity levels with 6 switchable time constants.
NL705 RMS Integrator Computes input power by evaluating the root-mean-square signal level. Six switchable time constants. Ideal for EMG estimation.

Please note that some NeuroLog modules may not be mentioned here, but may be found on Digitimer's web site.



Humbug Noise Eliminator

Humbug Noise Eliminator

The Humbug is a really nifty little device which can seriously clean up your signal without distorting it.

This is a powerful new technology for cancelling electrical interference in real-time, avoiding all of the traditional problems associated with notch filters. The Hum Bug constructs a replica of noise present on the input signal and continuously subtracts this replica from the signal as it passes through the instrument. It performs this function in the presence of biological activity even when noise characteristics evolve over time.

The HumBug is not a filter. It does not create phase delays, amplitude errors, DC shifts or waveform distortion. Simply connect it between your preamplifier and any analysis equipment and it will automatically eliminate 50/60 Hz noise and harmonics with frequencies up to several kHz. Noise is eliminated without altering the signal of interest even when frequencies within the signal overlap with noise components. No settings or adjustments are required.

  • Removes simple 50/60 Hz Sine Waves
  • Removes Mixtures of 50/60 Hz Harmonics
  • Removes Noise Spikes from Dimmers
  • Removes Complex Noise from Flourescent Lamps
  • No Waveform Distortion
  • No Frequency Loss
  • No DC Voltage Shift
  • No Signal Attenuation
  • No Phase Error

For more information on the Humbug, please see Quest Scientific's web site.

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