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Gel Accessories

Gel Power Supply Gel Power Supply

Power Supplies

A range of power supplies for gel electrophoresis:
  • Mini single-output constant voltage supplies: available as 125 V/200 mA or 200 V/100 mA
  • Four output adaptor for mini-supplies
  • Regular supplies: constant voltage 10 to 400 volts, or constant current 10 to 200/600 mA; four output sockets; over-voltage/current & short-circuit protection.
  • Consort HV Supply: 3 models (300/2000 1200/500 3000/300 V/ma); dual outputs; fully programmable; built-in timer; earth leakage protection
Gel Casting system

Gel Casting Systems

Multiple Gel casting systems for Harvard Vertical Gel units.
  • Solid construction
  • User replaceable seals
  • Levelling feet and bubble level
Gradient mixers

Gradient Mixers

Four sizes of gradient mixer: 15 & 20 ml suitable for centrifugation gradients, and 50 & 100 ml mixers suitable for linear polyacrylamide gel gradients. The 100 ml mixer is ideal for use with the gel casting system above.
Electro-Blotting units

Electro-Blotting units

A safe and easy system for the transfer of nucleic acids & proteins onto a suitable transfer membrane.
  • Robust construction
  • Water cooled base with stirring bar
  • Completely protected with safety lid
  • Two sizes: 100 x 100 mm gels, or 100 x 200 and 200 x 200 mm gels
  • Supplied with 4 compression casettes and 4 fibre pads
Semi-dry Blotting Units

Semi-dry Blotting Units

Designed for uniform transfer of proteins and nucleic acids. The low current (0.8 mA/cm2) produces very little heat, preventing band distortion.
  • Two sizes: 100 x 100 mm and 200 x 200 mm
  • Fast transfer times (typically less than 1 hr)
  • Low buffer volume
  • Completely safe
Dot & Slot Blotting

Dot & Slot Blotting

A range of Dot Blot & Slot Blot microfiltration manifolds for DNA and RNA filter blot hybridisations. Precision machined surfaces eliminate leakage. A vacuum of about 600 mm Hg is required during sample application. Available in 4 sizes:
  • 48-Well Dot Blot in 3 x 16 array (dots 3 mm diameter)
  • 96-Well Dot Blot in 8 x 12 array (dots 3 mm diameter)
  • 24-Well Slot Blot in 2 x 12 array (slots 0.5 x 6 mm)
  • 48-Well Slot Blot in 3 x 16 array (slots 0.5 x 6 mm)
Vacuum/Heated Slab Gel Dryer

Vacuum/Heated Slab Gel Dryer

Two versatile vacuum gel dryers, accomodating up to 45 x 34 cm or 50 x 40 cm.
  • 800 watt even heating distribution
  • Dries 33 x 50 sequencing gels in as little as 30 min
  • Accurate temperature control up to 90 ºC
  • Five-hour timers for both heater and vaccuum pump
UV Sterilisation cabinet

UV Sterilisation cabinet

Used to deontaminate reagents & equipment prior to carrying out PCR reactions. Denatures nucleic acids in 5 to 15 minutes.
  • Timer controlled
  • Protects the sample from user contamination
  • Protects the user for biohazard samples
  • Suitable as a shield for isotopes such as 32P
  • Safety cutouts on doors.
Gel Loading Syringes

Gel Loading Syringes

Multi-channel gel loading syringes for optimal loading.
  • Rapid handling of multiple samples
  • Available to suit most popular gel/comb combinations

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