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Axon Multiclamp 700B Microelectrode Amplifier Patch Clamping and Microelectrode Amplifiers

Integrated Systems for patch clamping and Microelectrode Recording

Bilayer Chambers & Cuvettes Bilayers

Electronics, chambers, cuvettes and accessories for lipid bilayer clamping

Warner DP-301 amplifier Amplifiers

Amplifiers for electrophysiology - intracellular, extracellular and multi-channel

Digitimer DS-2A Stimulator Stimulators

All sorts of Stimulators for electrophysiology

NeuroLog rack systems Other Electronics

The NeuroLog modular rack system - amplifiers, stimulators, and both analog & digital signal handling and processing

Sutter P-97 Micropiette Puller Micropipette Making

Micropipette pullers and accessories such as bevellers & microforges

Capillary glass tubing Capillary Glass

All sorts of Capillary glass tubing for pipette making

Warner micropipette holders Electrodes & Wire

A wide range of Micropipette holders, Ag/Agcl electrodes, pre-made metal microelectrodes, and electrode wire


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