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Electroporation Cuvettes & Plates

BTX Electroporation Cuvettes Plus

BTX Cuvettes Plus are designed for use in electroporation and electrofusion of bacteria, yeast, insect, plant and mammalian cells. Each sterilized Cuvettes Plus package includes a disposable cuvette and a transfer pipette, which is used for removal of the sample after electroporation. The cuvettes are molded with embedded aluminum electrodes, washed prior to packaging and gamma irradiated for guaranteed sterility. Three electrode gap sizes are available, 4mm, 2mm and 1mm for high field strengths up to 25.0 kV/cm. Round caps are leak resistant and allow for quick and easy one finger removal. BTX disposable Cuvettes Plus require no maintenance. Simply discard carefully after use. For research use only.

Cap Color Gray Blue Yellow
Gap (mm) 1.0 2.0 4.0
Field Type Homogeneous Homogeneous Homogeneous
Autoclavable Yes Yes Yes
Sample Visibility Yes Yes Yes
Minimum Volume 20 µl 40 µl 80 µl
Maximum Volume 90 µl 400 µl 800 µl

The 630B Cuvette Safety Stand provides a completely safe and covenient way to handle electroporation using cuvettes. It has an adjustable gap and electroporates two cuvettes at once.

High Throughput Electroporation Plates

Sterile multi-well electroporation plates for transfection/transformation of bacteria, yeast, insect, plant and mammalian cells.

Try out many different electroporation conditions (cell density, buffer, pulse voltage and width, etc.) to find the highest transfection efficiency, quickly and easily, with the new BTX HT 96 Well Electroporation System. The disposable, sterile multi-well plate is the heart of the system. It's like 96 electroporation cuvettes in one convenient plate. Suitable for bacteria, plant and mammalian cell types. Excellent for siRNA transfections, library studies and stem cell projects.

Model# of wellsGap SizeVolume per WellCatalog #
HT-P96-2 96 2mm 125uL 45-0450
HT-P96-4 96 4mm 250uL 45-0452
HT-P25-2 25 2mm 125uL 45-0466
HT-P25-4 25 4mm 250uL 45-0462

Electroporation Plate Handlers

BTX offers two Electroporation Plate Handlers to create a safe and reliable working area for processing Electroporation Plates. Both Plate Handlers have pulse switching technology integrated into the package and gold plated contacts to mate with the Electroporation Plate. The Plate Handlers were designed to operate in space constrained areas such as laminar flow hoods. HT-200 and HT-100 Plate Handlers are compatible with BTX Electroporation equipment.

The HT-200 Plate Handler is a 96 Well Plate Handler with Auto-Sense Track Switching (automatically switches to the next column of wells on the plate). The HT-100 has Manual Track Switching. Both include connectors for standard pulse generators.

For more specifications and electroporation protocols, please see the BTX website.

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