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Electroporation Systems

BTX HT 96 Well Electroporation Systems

Advanced Transfection Products from BTX allow you to boost your productivity by optimizing your conditions and increasing your yields and viability. Electroporate a 25 or 96 well plate in less than 1 minute! These systems allow the user to quickly and efficiently optimize the electrical and biological parameters associated with any electroporation experiment. Now entire libraries can be screened rapidly and efficiently.

Both the 96 and 25 well version systems come complete with disposable multi-well plates, a Plate Handler and an ECM 830 or ECM 630 Generator.

  • Rapid method optimization
  • Multi-well plates can be electroporated in less than 10 minutes!
  • Integrated electrodes
  • Precise molecular delivery
  • High throughput approach to experimentation
  • Multiple experiments in a single plate
  • Rapid analysis - in a matter of minutes research 96 experimental parameters
  • Transfection of Mammalian Cells
  • Transformation of Bacteria and Yeast
  • cDNA Library Screening
  • Drug Screening
  • siRNA libraries

OneDrop MicroPorator

OneDrop microporation is a non viral method that uses a unique electroporation technology for transfecting a wide range of hard-to-transfect cells (including primary cells, stem cells and neurons).

Typical electroporation is dependent on the plate-type electrodes seen in cuvette style chambers. The new OneDrop MicroPoration system offers a unique technology using Pipette Tips as an electroporation chamber. Imagine that a pipette tip is functionally equal to the electroporation cuvette! A uniform electric field is generated in the pipette tip through the sample utilizing a specially designed pipette chamber. The use of the pipettes also allow for smaller sample volume ranges (10 µl and 100 µl) which allows you control to adjust your cell densities. The ease of use from sample preparation and handling coupled with the high efficiencies and viabilities are just a few of the benefits from MicroPoration technology.

  • High transfection efficiency and cell viability
  • Mammalian cell lines, primary cells, suspension cells
  • "Pipette Tip" Electroporation
  • 10 µl, 100 µl
  • High performance and fully interactive pulse generator
  • Sterilized disposable microporation tips

We can also separately supply electroporation components - generators, cuvettes, safety stands and specialised electrodes. Please see the other pages in this section for details.

For more specifications and electroporation protocols, please see the BTX website.

For further information and pricing details, please email us.

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