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Eye Tracking

We are proud to offer Eye Tracking Systems from SmartEye in Sweden.


SmartEye PRO System

SMART EYE PRO - Remote 3D Eye Tracking for Research

SmartEye's revolutionary tracking system uses remote cameras to give robust eye tracking under a wide variety of conditions.

The system can use up to 8 cameras in a single system to accomodate a very wide range of head movements - up to 360° if required. The cameras can be freely placed where they are required, and can be easily added or subtracted.

  • Easy to use
    • Fast calibration routine
    • Very fast profile generation - participants set-up within seconds
    • Automatic initialization
  • Accurate
    • 6DOF Head Tracking - Rotation 0.5 degrees (typ.), translation <1 mm
    • 3D Gaze Tracking. Accuracy of gaze vector: 0.5 degrees (typ.)
    • Precise time stamps
    • Define and name your own gaze zones/objects in your world model and get named data in your output for an easier analysis
    • Data available in real time via TCP/UDP or as a log-file
    • Blinks, fixations and saccades automatically logged in the output
    • All data for each eye individually or combined
    • Select between raw or user definable filtered data
    • Multiple data streams simultaneously
    • User time stamped data and NTP synchronization

Download the SmartEye PRO brochure


SmartEye DR120

SMART EYE DR120 - Remote 3D Eye Tracking for Research

SmartEye's new DR120 system is remote camera system built on to an HD monitor, and ready to go for monitoring gaze. Suitable for applications in Neuroscience, Psychology, Human Factors, Usability, HCI and Marketing Research.

    • New and easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface)
    • Fast sys tem set-up
    • Fast and intuitive calibration routine
    • Automatic tracking - instant recovery
    • 6 DOF Head Tracking: High accuracy: 0.5 degrees (typ.)
    • 3D Gaze Tracking: Accuracy of gaze vector: 0.5 degrees (typ.)
    • Exact timing - excellent for your research
    • Premium 24" Widescreen HD monitor with built in speakers
    • Height and Tilt adjustable
    • Insensitive to ambient light
    • Non-distractive design
    • No mirror reflections
    • PST E-Prime
    • EGI Net Station
    • Noldus The Observer
    • EyesDx MAPPS
    • Eyetellect Gaze Tracker
    • MathWorks MATLAB

Download the SmartEye DR120 brochure

For more information and pricing on Eye Tracking Systems please drop us an email, or visit the SmartEye website.

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