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Automatic Facial Expression Analysis Tool

FaceReader is a revolutionary new tool, capable of analyzing facial signals. By measuring the facial expression of a person, this new product gives you an objective indication of the person's emotional state.


What is FaceReader?

FaceReader is the first system to automatically recognize specific properties in facial images, including the following emotional expressions:

  • happy
  • sad
  • angry
  • surprised
  • scared
  • disgusted
  • "neutral" state

Emotions are represented as bar graphs and as a continuous signal. An additional gauge display summarizes how negative or positive the emotion is.

Integrated solution with The Observer

Importing the FaceReader data into The Observer offers a unique solution for integration, visualization, and analysis of FaceReader data with other data, such as manually logged events, physiological data and eye tracking data. This compatibility enables you to analyze the full context - what user interface is the test participant looking at or which image is triggering an emotion? You can use the advanced video-editing functions of The Observer to create highlight clips in no time.

Additional features

In addition to analyzing expressions, FaceReader can also classify faces on the following properties:

Also, FaceReader includes a basic person recognition algorithm. Hereby, individual persons can be recognized after the input of the original facial image once before. You can use FaceReader for analysis of media files or still images. FaceReader can also analyze live: all it takes is a good quality webcam.

For more information on FaceReader please drop us an email, or visit the Noldus website.

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