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Frequently Asked Questions & Common Searches

Application Notes

We have a small collection of application notes and links on the Application Notes page.


What do the initials SDR stand for? Nothing very relevant - they were probably the initials of family members when the original SDR Scientific was started by Ray Mulvena.

Atomic Models

We sell real physical models, but there's nothing on this site about theoretical models or atomic theory. Sorry!

Model Engineering

If you're looking for Hornsby Model Engineers (HMECL) at Galston, live steam locomotives, miniature railway or similar, you need this page (we used to host the site but it isn't related to SDR).


Similarly, if you're looking for information about the book "A Day In The Bush", by Les Higgins and Tony Rodd, you need this page (we previously hosted the site but it isn't related to SDR).

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