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Fluigent Microfluidics Equipment


Fluigent Smart Microfuidics

Fluigent develops, manufactures, and supports innovative fluid handling solutions for a variety of rapidly growing applications where precise fluid control is important.

Fluigent is the global leader in providing innovative fluid handling solutions for microfluidics, from compact microfluidic controllers for droplet generation to turnkey organ on a chip platforms.


Flow Control Modules

Flow EZ - the most advanced flow controller for microfluidics, to use with or without a PC, expandable by the users themselves, specifically engineered for microfluidics lab benches.

A compatible Link module connect all the Flow EZ modules to a PC for pressure and flow-rate remote control or an external device with its BNC ports for TTL synchronization.

  • Most compact device (515 cm3)
  • Wide controllable pressure ranges (from -800 mbar to 7 bar)
  • Achieve flow-rate ranges from sub nl/min to thousands of µL/min
  • Pulseless flow
  • Highest responsiveness
  • Intuitive Dial Control and Screen Display


Microfluidics Automation Tool

A software tool for designing microfluidic based protocols.

  • Easy design of complex flow profiles
  • User friendly graphic Interface
  • Offline design available: Start creating protocols without instrument connected
  • Includes a dashboard for easy real-time protocol visualization with:
    • Flow rate and pressure graphs
    • Proceeding sequence
  • TTL synchronization with other lab instruments


Droplet Starter Pack

Ideal for biologists and chemists who want to start with microfluidic droplets experiments. Includes the EZ Drop chips, full adapted liquid handling solution and accessories.

  • Cost effective solution
  • Easy and friendly to use EZ Drop chip
  • No complex connectors
  • From 20 to 100µm droplets and up to 1200 Hz
  • For cell encapsulation or polymer particle formation


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