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Harvard Traditional Perfusion Systems

Available as sets, or as individual components

Isolated Heart Perfusion

Isolated Heart Perfusion

The Harvard Isolated Heart Perfusion system provides efficient and versatile perfusion for a Langendorff preparation, and consists of the following components (all available as separate items):

  • Constant head reservoir (1 litre) and holder
  • Aeration reservoir & aeration stone
  • Water bath assembly with heaters & temperature control
  • Warming coil & connectors
  • Cannula, thermometer, manometer, pinch valves etc.
Isolated Tissue Bath Set  Isolated Tissue Bath Set

Isolated Tissue Bath Set

These sets of components from Harvard Apparatus are ideal for student or simple research use with smooth muscle, rat diaphragm or mammalian heart preparations. Each set includes stand, constant head reservoir, jacketed warming coil, tuning & connectors etc, plus the following:

  • Smooth Muscle set: includes 20 ml jacketed General Tissue Vessel & Stem
  • Rat Diaphragm set: includes 100 ml jacketed General Tissue Vessel & Stem, plus Phrenic Nerve electrode & oxygen bubbler
  • Mammalian Heart (Langendorff) set: includes jacketed Heart Chamber, aeration reservoir, cannula, manometer, thermometer & accessories

A Universal set, containing components to assemble any of the above 3 sets, is also available.

Harvard Tissue Bath Set

Harvard Tissue Bath Set

A range of tissue water bath sets suitable for research or student use. While sets are supplied with warming coils and tissue vessel, the baths are are also available separately.

  • Research Double Bath set: 250 W heating in 11.2 litre bath, and with 2 detachable-stem tissue vessels plus flat warming coils (illustrated).
  • Basic Double Bath set: 80 W heating in 4.7 litre bath, and with 2 fixed-stem tissue vessels plus spiral warming coil
  • Basic Single Bath set: 80 W heating in 3.6 litre bath, and with 1 fixed-stem tissue vessel plus spiral warming coil
  • Student Single Bath set: 50 W heating in 0.8 litre bath, and with 1 fixed-stem student tissue vessel plus spiral warming coil

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