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Hydraulic Manipulators

Hydraulic manipulators can offer a good compromise between manual and motorised versions, with the utility of precise remote control and the economy of manual control.

Siskiyou MX610 & MX630

Smooth motion and instant response to hand adjustments makes the MX630 and the MX610 ideal for long term intracellular recordings. The water based hydraulic mechanism has a thermal expansion two to three times less than that of oil based systems, thus minimizing drift to less than 2 m per hour at constant temperatures.

  • MX610 has single-axis, 5 mm travel
  • MX630 has 3 axes, available in L- and R-hand versions
  • Easily mountable to Siskiyou manual manipulators for coarse positioning

Siskiyou MX6600

The MX6600 hydraulic micromanipulator is an integrated version of Siskiyou's MX1600 series manual crossed roller bearing manipulator. This design integrates their hydraulic metal bellow system with their precision crossed roller stage to ensure precision movement and long life.

  • Fine positioning dials on three axes use ultrafine 127TPI adjustment screws to enable 0.5 m resolution.
  • Coarse positioning knobs on four axes incorporate 20TPI screw drive positioning for smooth motion in the X, Y, Z, and Q axes.
  • The Q axis can be adjusted to a desired angle of approach from 0º to 180º.

Siskiyou MX10H Miniature Hydraulic Manipulator

The MX10R-H is a miniature micromanipulator that is ideal for positioning applications that require submicron level resolution.

  • Compact size ideal for stimulator applications, puffer pipettes or micro-injection set-ups.
  • Travel is 10 mm on XYZ axes, 5 mm on 4th axis
  • Resolution is 5 µm on XYZ axes, 0.5 µm on 4th axis

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