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Equipment for cellular microinjection.

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Sutter Manual Microinjector

Sutter Manual Microinjector

The Sutter Manual Microinjector is an economical and robust manual syringe driver for pneumatic or hydraulic control of injection needles or holding pipettes.

  • Suitable for injecting volumes in the nanoliter to microliter range.
  • Gives sensitive control suitable for IVF applications
  • Resolution depends on syringe size - eg. with 25 ul syringe, 1 div = 10.6 nl.
  • Precision 3-way valve for filling and clearing
  • Supplied with tubing and pipette holder

PLI-100 Pico-Injector

The PLI-100 Pico-Injector reliably delivers a wide range of volumes through micropipettes by applying a regulated pressure for a digitally set period of time. Compressed gas allows the user to deliver desired volumes from femtoliters to microliters while simultaneously holding a cell. Whether you need to do large injections into capillaries or very small injections into mammalian nuclei, the PLI-100 is well suited for your experiment.

  • 5 pressures: inject, balance, clear, fill and hold
  • Femtoliter to microliters
  • Reproducible
  • Easy to use
  • Injection of mouse, frog, zebrafish and other oocytes;
  • Extracellular brain injections
  • Injection of DNA, mRNA, microbeads, neurotransmitters, kinases and other proteins
  • Most Published Injector!

PLI-90 Pico-Injector

The PLI-90 Pico-Injector, like the reliable PLI-100 Pico-Injector (above), controls the precise and reproducible regulation of injection pressure and time. Because the PLI-90 features only the injection, balance, and clearing positive pressures, it is a lower cost alternative to the PLI-100. This simplicity makes it even easier to use than the PLI-100.

  • 3 pressures - inject, balance, and clearing
  • Eliminates backflow into pipette after injection
  • Reproducibly delivers femtoliters to microliters
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Precise

Nanoject II

Volumes for the Nanoject II range from 2.3 nl to 69 nl. Although previous models of the Nanoject series are excellent for Xenopus injections, the smaller tips and smaller injection volumes of the Nanoject II allow users to perform injections into other specimens/ applications that previously could not be performed.

Positive displacement technology and the use of precision micropipettes, eliminate the need for tedious calibration when the viscosity of the sample changes. Contaminants in the sample do not hinder or change the injection volume as with some other injectors. An optional universal mounting adapter provides easy mounting of the Nanoject II to a variety of micromanipulators and stereotaxic frames. The manipulator pictured is sold separately.

  • Positive displacement technology
  • 2.3 to 69.0 nl range of volumes
  • Minimal vibration
  • New improved high torque motor
  • Membrane key pad
  • Improved micropipette holder
  • Two speed injection/fill rates
  • Auto Home capability

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