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Sutter MP285 Micromanipulator Motorised Micromanipulators

Motorised Micromanipulators offer the greatest versatility because of their high resolution and small step sizes.

Sutter MP85 Micromanipulator Manual Micromanipulators

A range of manual micromanipulators of various resolutions and capabilities.

Siskiyou MX610/MX630 manipulators Hydraulic Micromanipulators

Hydraulic manipulators can be a good compromise, with both economy and smooth remote control.

Sutter MT75 Gantry Style Stands Micromanipulator Stands & Microscope Translation Tables

A range of stands and support hardware to effectively use micromanipulators around your microscope.


For modular micromanipulator components and other support hardware, please see our mechanical components page.

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