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Manipulator Stands

Microscope Translators

Stands not only for micromanipulators, but for any application requiring rigid support.

Sutter MT70 Manipulator Stands

Originally made for positioning manipulators next to microscopes, but also popular for supporting other equipment such as optical components.

The stands are based on a rigid extruded aluminium tower, available in 75 mm increments up to 300 mm. The tower is mounted on a 19 mm thick baseplate and fitted with an 8 mm thick mounting platform. Rows of tapped holes (1/4-20 at 1" centres) are available for mounting equipment.

In the MT71 series, an adjustable-height cantilevered side platform can be added.

Sutter MT75 Gantry-style Stands

These unique gantry stands offer adjustable vertical and horizontal positioning, together with 360º rotation, while maintaining excellent rigidity.

Your equipment mounts to the 19 mm thick dovetailed cantilever, in turn mounted on a 50 mm diameter stainless steel post. This is supported in an extruded aluminium tower on a 19 mm thick baseplate.

A quick lock mechanism allows rotation up to 320º, and rotation back to the stop where the device may be locked. This is ideal for micropipette replacement. The stop may be removed for full 360º rotation. A large Teflon washer ensures smooth rotation.

Modular Stand Components

Modular stand kits from Siskiyou Corporation. The MX512P is a versatile platform for mounting a variety of hardware at any level on an isolation table or platform.

A complete set of AS series spacers and hardware allow flexible vertical adjustment from 1.0- to 12.0-inches in 0.5-inch increments. The top mounting surface is 5 x 5 inches (125 x 125 mm) and has five 1/4-20 tapped holes for maximum mounting flexibility; it can hold up to 135 kg.

A 3 x 3 inch (75 x 75 mm) platform is also available.

Sutter MT1000 XY Translation System

The MT1000 is a modular system that allows microscopy with a fixed stage and moveable microscope. This allows viewing or imaging of multiple tissue locations while maintaining stable recordings from the preparation.

Three free-standing columns provide rigid support for the sample chamber and two micromanipulators. In between, the XY translator table allows movement of the microscope.

  • XY Translator movement 25 mm; resolution 5 µm
  • XY Translator will take up to 50 kg load
  • Complete systems available for various microscope models, or components available separately

Siskiyou Microscope Translators

  • Available in manual or motorised models
  • Economy (ball bearing) or research (crossed roller) models
  • Versions available for common microscope models from Olympus, Leica, Nikon or Zeiss
  • Translators for confocal microscopes are also available

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