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Manual Manipulators

Sutter MP85 Micromanipulator

This robust and heavy micromanipulator is based on the classic design of Huxley, and provides smooth precise movement for patch clamping and intracellular recording, or any other application that is intolerant of drift.

Coarse and fine motion is provided by a modified MM33 manipulator mounted on top of the ultrafine manipulator. The large micrometers provide ultrafine movement through a 10:1 reduction.

  • Resolution: coarse 0.1 mm on all axes; fine 0.01 mm on x-axis; ultrafine 0.2 µm on all axes
  • Ultrafine movement: approx 2 mm in each axis
  • Total weight 7 kg
  • Mounted on precision rotating base with stops
  • Available as right- or left-handed
  • Options include: stackable 15º wedges for tilting; 25 mm riser blocks; magnetic feet

Siskiyou MX160 Micromanipulator

The Siskiyou 4-axis MX160 incorporates fast-pitch, screw drive positioning, and smooth ball bearing motion in the X, Y, Z, and Q axes for precision positioning. Simple color coded knob caps identify axis location in low light conditions.

  • Top stage tilts at any angle through 360, and includes 22-mm of linear travel along the probe axis
  • Low drift, ultra-high stability
  • Repeatable swing-out probe holder
  • Coarse rotational base, with optional repeatable rotational base
  • Travel: 22mm/axis, resolution: 10 m

Siskiyou MX1620 Series Manipulators

The Siskiyou MX1620 series manipulators offer ultra-high stability and a true 4th axis, and are available with a range of different leadscrews.

  • Q axis can be adjusted to the desired angle of approach from 0º to 180º
  • Right- and left-handed models available
  • Travel: 20mm on each axis
  • Resolution: 10µm with 20TPI screws, or submicron with 40TPI or 80TPI leadscrews

Siskiyou MX10 Miniature Manipulator

The MX10 is a miniature micromanipulator that is ideal for positioning applications that require micron level resolution. The component DT100 series stages use a precision rolled 80TPI lead screw for smooth positioning along their entire travel.

  • Fourth axis which can be set at any angle through 360º of motion
  • Resolution: 5 m
  • Load: 200 g
  • Travel: 10mm each axis

Marzhauser MM33 Micromanipulator

Probably the world's most popular manual manipulator, the MM33 is robustly made and easy to use. It has coarse controls for all 3 axes, and a fine control for the x-axis (the axis of the pipette).

  • Movement range: x-axis 37 mm; fine x-axis 10 mm; y-axis 20 mm; z-axis 25 mm
  • Resolution: 10 µm on fine x-axis
  • Available as right- or left-handed

Marzhauser MD4 Micromanipulator

The MD4 is similar to the MM33, but has an extra independent pipette holder. This can be moved in the x- or y- directions by fine adjustment thumbscrews, and can be swivelled so as to meet the first pipette holder at the working length.

Marzhauser MMJ Micromanipulator

The MMJ manipulator has coarse control knobs for all 3 axes, together with joystick controls for fine movement in the x- and z-axes.

Magnetic Stands

Magnetic Stands & Stage Clamps

For light micromanipulators, such as the Marzhauser MM33, we can supply magnetic stands which clamp firmly onto any steel baseplate and provide a vertical post and adjustable cross arm to which the manipulator may be clamped.

Marzhauser manipulators may also be stage mounted using stage adaptors and clamps for various models of microscope. We would be pleased to provide details.

For heavy-duty magnetic clamps, please see our mechanical components page.

Sutter MM1 and MM3 Micropositioners

Two sizes of precision micropositioners that can be integrated into other assemblies for solving positioning problems. They are available in single-axis form, but can easily be combined into 2-axis or 3-axis positioners as shown. They are spring loaded with a single fine adjusting screw.

  • MM1 positioner: 25 mm high, 3mm travel, 1 µm maximum wobble
  • MM1 positioner: 44 mm high, 13mm travel, 2 µm maximum wobble

For support stands and mounting hardware, please see the Stands page.

For more information and pricing details, please email us.

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