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Metabolic Screening

Indirect calorimetry is an indispensable tool for metabolic screening and measurement, capable of dramatic and insightful impact on energetic research for both translational science and human performance.

The Promethion metabolic measurement system is the first to allow automated measurement of metabolic and behavioural data for up to 128 cages with a synchronous, loss-less data processing network.

Unlike older push method (positive pressure) calorimetry systems, Promethion uses pull mode (negative pressure) respirometry and live-in cages that minimize stress and maximize animal safety. Because Promethion's gas analyzers measure all relevant gas species - O2, CO2 and water vapor pressure, plus barometric pressure - water vapor dilution is corrected mathematically without desiccants or condensers, yielding optimum accuracy. Promethion-M systems switch, or "multiplex", analyzers between multiple cages, combining cost efficiency with high speed (down to 30 sec/cage).

If faster response times are required, continuous monitoring is available (Promethion-C) that couples each cage to its own analyzers, yielding the fastest possible response time and highest possible fidelity for metabolic data.

Promethion from Sable Systems features include:

Advanced Calorimetry

Sable Systems has spent the last 25 years developing instrumentation that improves the investigator's ability to acquire calorimetry data. Promethion combines Sable Systems' expertise in animal respirometry, instrument design, and system integration to create turnkey systems for biomedical research.

Integrated Tri-Gas analysers

The accurate, fast responding Promethion Tri-Gas Analyzer simultaneously measures water vapor, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. Its automated corrections for the effects of drift and water vapor dilution require no scrubber chemicals.

Intelligent, automated flow control

Optimized for pull mode respirometry, the Promethion pull flow controllers continuously orchestrate multiple flow channels and are calibrated against NIST-Traceable flow standards.

Multiplexed or Continuous Metabolic Monitoring

Promethion systems can be configured either in multiplexed mode, sharing gas analyzers and thus reducing overall system costs, or in truly parallel and continuous mode with the highest level of metabolic detail.

Simultaneous 128-cage integration

Promethion mouse or rat cages can be used individually or in sets of up to 128. Available sensors include food and water monitors, food access control, environmental monitors, and activity sensors. All sensors in all cages are recorded continuously to create the richest possible data set.

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