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We no longer offer the Vibratome range, but we have a new product from Warner Instruments.

The OTS-5000 Oscillating Tissue Slicer represents the most thoughtfully designed solution to sectioning either fixed or fresh tissue, and can prepare sections as thin as 5 microns. Embedding or freezing of the sample is not required, thus tissue preparation time is reduced dramatically. The risk of distortion and artifacts normally associated with these procedures are eliminated. The OTS-5000 meets the highest standards for precision and accuracy and it meets or exceeds the performance of units on the market costing twice as much.

Vibratome 1000 Plus
Vibratome 1000 Plus

The OTS-5000 is engineered for maximum stability, allowing even the most delicate of tissue to be cut successfully every time. The knife holder allows the blade to be well-secured and the blade angle set from 10-20 degrees. The specimen mount is adjustable on the x, y, and z axis. Blade oscillation is adjustable from 50-5000 cycles/minute, the knife advance is continuously adjustable with a touch of the keypad from 0-5mm/s, and the section thickness is adjustable in 1 micron increments ranging from 1-999 microns. This precision slicer features automatic touch selection of section thickness, blade speed, advance, and a user-defined travel window so that consecutive sections may be cut easily and rapidly. Other OTS-5000 features include: Touch pad control of the blade height, slice counter / slice thickness, precise bar graph displays of blade oscillation and advance speeds.

For further details, please see Warner's web site, or email us

Freezing Stage for Microtome

Freezing Stage for Microtomes

These Freezing Stages from Physitemp fit easily onto most microtomes. These thermoelectric devices have no moving parts and need only the AC supply and a trickle of running water for operation. Freezing starts immediately and can be maintained indefinitely. Stage temperature is adjustable so that optimum cutting temperatures can be set for different kinds of tissue.

Two models are available: 38 x 38 mm and 76 x 79 mm.

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