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Core Temperature Monitoring The Anilogger / Anipill System allows continuous animal core temperature monitoring for animal research purposes
Physiological Monitoring System Integrates multiple physiological parameters on one single small platform
Homeothermic Monitoring System A closed loop temperature control system for small rodents
MouseOX Plus A patented pulse oximeter specifically designed for mice, rats, and other small laboratory animals.

Core Temperature Monitoring System

The Anilogger / Anipill System is an innovative wireless monitoring system allowing reliable and continuous animal core temperature monitoring for animal research purposes.

The system is manufactured by BodyCap in France, and SDR Scientific is the authorised distributor for this system in Australia and New Zealand.

This system is comprised of an implantable /ingestible pill that wirelessly and continuously transmits temperature data to a dedicated monitor.

Animals from 20g upwards are suitable, including mouse, rat, rabbit, monkey, even aquatic species.

A single monitor can manage data from several animals, whether they are group or single housed.

The Anilogger / Anipill System offers:

  • Continuous core temperature monitoring - suitable for longer term studies
  • Obtain data from either free moving or socially housed animals
  • Minimise handling: Obtain more accurate data, saves time
  • Less stress: maximise animal ethics benefits
  • Can monitor up to 8 pills in parallel

For further details, please see BodyCAP's website.

Small Animal Physiological Monitoring System

The Small Animal Physiological Monitoring System is an instrument integrating multiple physiology parameters on one single small platform. The objective behind this instrument is to provide superior monitoring results, while making surgery and other manipulations on small animals easier.

The platform integrates monitoring of the rectal temperature, electrocardiogram (ECG), respiration, oxygen saturation (SpO2), blood pressure and exhaled CO2 (EtCO2). It also includes a controlled heating surface to maintain the animal's body temperature at the desired level.

Key Features:

  • Small footprint
  • Integrated and ergonomic
  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • Real-time numeric and graphic display

Download the Small Animal Physiological Monitoring System Brochure for the full Description and Specifications of this exciting new system.

Homeothermic Monitoring System

Homeothermic Blanket System

The Harvard Homeothermic Monitoring System is a closed loop temperature control system for small rodents. Utilizing a small, flexible rectal probe to monitor the animal's core temperature and a heating pad to provide heat input, the subject's core body temperature can be accurately controlled. The control unit receives temperature feedback from the rectal probe and adjusts the current to the pad accordingly.

The easy to use LCD touch screen allows users to set a target temperature and clearly view the subject's current core body temperature, as well as the set temperature, at all times. Additionally, audible alarms can be set to advise the user should the animal's core body temperature deviate ± 1° from the set temperature.

  • Easy to use LCD Touchscreen
  • Choice of 3 sizes of heating pad
  • Integrated flexible rectal probe
  • Adjustable set point of 20 to 50 °C

Download the Homeothermic Monitoring System Brochure (1.4MB)

The MouseOx Plus pulse oximeter from Starr Life Sciences is the world's first and only patented non-invasive vital signs monitor specifically designed for mice, rats, and other small laboratory animals.

  • Suitable for use with:
    • Anesthetized and conscious subjects
    • Animal sizes from neonatal mice through to adult rats
    • Mice, rats, and other small laboratory animals with pulse rate from 90-900 BPM such as rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets
  • MRI compatible sensor available
  • Non-invasive
  • Able to monitor up to 16 subjects with one MouseOx Plus
  • Able to output an analogue version of pulse waveform

Provides the following measurements:

  • Arterial Oxygen Saturation
  • Heart Rate
  • Respiration Rate
  • Temperature
  • Pulse Distention
  • Breath Distention
  • Activity (Optional)

Discover More about MouseOx

Starr Life Sciences now also manufacture the VitalView series of products formerly available from Mini-Mitter and Philips Respironics. These include the E-Mitter Battery-Free Implantable Transponders.

E-Mitter Features

  • Telemetry - no lead artifact, tethers, exit site infections, or other hard-wired problems

  • Battery-free - no downtime or recurring costs for battery refurbishment or recalibration

  • Long-term monitoring - only implantable telemetry device to allow uninterrupted, lifetime studies in lab rodents

  • Accurate and reliable - reports physiological and behavioral data from unrestrained animals

For more information and pricing details, please email us.

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