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moor Accessory Modules

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VMS-PRES Pressure Cuff Controller
VMS-HEAT Skin Heater Module
VMS-DAQ Data Acquisition Module
MIC2 Iontophoresis Controller
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VMS-OXY Tissue Oxygenation Monitoring

The moorVMS-OXY system uses a white light spectroscopy method to assess tissue oxygen saturation (SO2), tissue hemoglobin concentration and temperature.

The technique offers practical advantages such as simplicity in use, real time measurement and the possibility to measure tissue oxygenation, blood flow and temperature with one probe (skin or needle designs) in conjunction with a moorVMS-LDF laser Doppler system and the moorVMS-LDF1-HP high power laser Doppler system.

Unlike other techniques, SO2 monitoring does not require tissue heating for reliable baseline measurements enabling true resting oxygenation status to be assessed, as well as adequacy of oxygen delivery to tissue upon heating.


VMS-PRES Pressure Cuff Controller

The reproducibility and reliability of pressure cuff protocols are traditionally hard to manage manually and analysis usually time consuming. The moorVMS-PRES pressure cuff controller is designed specifically to overcome these issues, providing reproducible and fully automated pressure cuff control for routine vascular challenges. Coupled with a moorVMS-LDF laser Doppler monitor for improved sensitivity to flow changes and moorVMS-PC software, the package offers a powerful solution to protocol management, analysis and reporting with true single operator control.

Features fully automated cuff inflation, target pressure, hold time and deflation patterns. Includes standard pressure protocols for limb/toe pressure; skin perfusion pressure; post occlusive reactive hyperaemia; pulse volume; and ankle/toe brachial pressure index. Also allows rapid deflation for Post Occlusive Reactive Hyperaemia or slow, linear deflation for systolic pressure assessments.


moorVMS-HEAT Skin Heater Module

The programmable moorVMS-HEAT skin heater unit provides reproducible heating of skin tissue up to 45°C to be used with any laser Doppler blood flow monitor, imager or tissue oxygenation monitor. It can also be used as a skin temperature monitor. Assessments include maximal flow response, temperature standardisation. In addition Axon reflex flare response can be performed with the moorVMS-HEAT-HT variant which temporarily allows heating to 47°C.

Features include: dual channel; variable heating rate; stand-alone or supported by moorVMS-PC software; accurate and reliable; easily connectable; 3-year warranty.


moorVMS-DAQ Data Acquisition Module

The moorVMS-DAQ data acquisition module, together with moorVMS-PC software provides a simple, convenient and low cost solution to integrating other physiological analogue signals (e.g. temperature, heart rate, pain scores etc) with your moorVMS software. The module offers 8 input channels as standard, split between front and rear panels to aid tidy connections and short wiring runs. External signals are integrated seamlessly alongside blood flow, tissue oxygenation traces allowing time matched traces from all your data sources. Statistical analysis of the analogue inputs is automatic and displayed alongside the analysis of blood flow, tissue oxygenation signals. In addition incoming and outgoing triggers are enabled allowing full synchronisation of other systems with moorVMS-PC.


MIC2 Iontophoresis Controller

The MIC2 was designed specifically for use in microvascular flow research, with low current doses, variable delivery periods and the ability to assess electrical skin resistance. A choice of re-usable drug chambers is available, suitable for both laser Doppler imaging and monitoring assessments.

Moor laser Doppler users can also benefit from dedicated software and hardware compatibility to ease the practicalities of drug delivery, blood flow measurement and analysis. The MIC2 can also be used in stand-alone mode to operate alongside any laser Doppler system.


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