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moorLDF - Laser Doppler Monitor

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The laser Doppler (LD) technique assesses tissue blood flow, by analysing the Doppler shift of low power laser light from moving red blood cells.

This page shows monitors. For imagers please see our Flow Imagers page

Moor LDF Monitor

The moorVMS-LDF laser Doppler blood flow and temperature monitor is a high performance, medical grade module for clinic or laboratory. Use of DSP technology brings you a portable, lightweight module featuring uncompromised specification, quality and reliability at a breakthrough price.


For more demanding research applications, moorVMS-PC software supports simultaneous protocol control of pressure cuff, iontophoresis and skin heating modules for reproducible blood flow provocation as well data acquisition with the NEW moorVMS-DAQ 8 channel data acquisition module. This advanced software also offers standard and custom reports according to your protocol.

The moorVMS-LDF features:

  • Single and dual channel options
  • Multi-channel: combine modules for a multichannel system with software support
  • Stacking case design offers a compact footprint for multi-channel users
  • Calibration constants are stored within the probe itself with timed re-calibration reminders
  • Inbuilt temperature measurement for skin probes
  • Easy viewing: high contrast, ice white, backlit LCD display
  • Advanced Windows 7, Vista and XP compatible moorVMS-PC software
  • Easily connectable: analogue output (0-5V, BNC) and digital (USB) real time data transfer
  • Medical grade design: for both clinical and research applications

moorVMS-LDF1-HP High Power LDF

The moorVMS-LDF1-HP is optimised specifically to enable measurements to be taken from the tissue surface down to deeper vascular beds than is otherwise provided by conventional laser Doppler systems.

The higher power in combination with wider separation of transmitting and receiving fibres in the probe head enable a larger volume to be monitored and also reduces site to site variations. The system is easily used with the standard moorVMS-LDF monitors to provide a comparison between deeper and more superficial changes.

For more details on the moorVMS-LDF, including application & clinical notes, please visit Moor's website.

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