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moorLDI - Laser Doppler Imagers

The laser Doppler (LD) technique assesses tissue blood flow, by analysing the Doppler shift of low power laser light from moving red blood cells.

This page shows imagers. For probe-based monitors please see our Flow Monitors page

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LDLS Line Imager
LDI2 Imager
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Speckle Contrast Imager

Moor FLPI Imager

The NEW moorFLPI-2 blood flow imager uses the laser speckle contrast technique to deliver real-time, high-resolution blood flow images, providing outstanding performance in a wide range of pre-clinical and clinical research applications.

User-friendly features promote smooth workflow and enable the high through-put required to scan cohorts quickly and accurately. Advanced analysis functions help you to draw sound conclusions from your blood flow images.

moorFLPI-2 highlights include:

  • Image any exposed tissue (skin or surgically exposed tissues) and species
  • Best spatial resolution of 10 microns per pixel
  • Real-time video frame rates
  • Image areas range from 5.6mm x 7.5mm to 15cm x 20cm
  • Colour photo and blood flow images precisely matched, pixel for pixel
  • Compact design with flexible stand options for clinic or laboratory


Line Imager

The moorLDLS2 line scanning system provides laser Doppler images of blood flow in the microvasculature with scan times as low as 4 seconds.

The system employs a multi channel laser Doppler line to sweep across the tissue gathering data from 64 points simultaneously. The penetration properties of the laser line are comparable to the moorLDI2 systems but the image acquisition times are much shorter.

The moorLDLS can be used in:

  • Cold Challenge
  • Intestinal And Gastric Mucosal Perfusion
  • Ischemic Ulcer
  • Patch Testing
  • Postural Vasoconstriction
  • Wheal and Flare Response
  • Wound Healing
Moor Line Imager


Laser Doppler Imager

Moor Laser Doppler Imager

The moorLDI2 imagers are able to map tissue blood flow over areas from 5cm x 5cm up to 50cm x 50cm with 256 x 256 pixel resolution; - each pixel being an actual measurement. At high scan rates, over 64,000 measurements are made in less than 5 minutes.

The imagers are suitable for a wide range of clinical and research investigations and measurement of blood flow in the microcirculation. The moorLDI2 range features a CCD camera which produces a colour image of the scanned area, making the positioning and comparison of images easier. The moorLDI2-HR highest resolution version is available with resolution to 100 microns.

The moorLDI2 laser Doppler blood perfusion imagers use a near infra-red laser beam (785nm in the standard moorLDI2-IR imager) or a visible red 633nm laser beam (moorLDI2-VR imager). In the moorLDI2-2λ dual wavelength system 633 and 830nm lasers are combined to allow simultaneous imaging with the two wavelengths.

For more details on the moorLDI, including application & clinical notes, please visit Moor's website.

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