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Laser Doppler Probes

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moorVMS-LDF Probes

Moor Instruments manufacture a wide range of probes designed to help you assess flow from almost any tissue. We are more than happy to advise on your particular application.

Moor Skin probe

Skin probes are available with two main fibre configurations, twin or multi-fibre designs. Multi fibre designs usually contain a ring of up to eight collecting fibres around a central delivery fibre. This provides an averaged signal for a larger tissue area than would otherwise be provided by the conventional twin fibre model.

Skin probes are usually fixed to the skin with a probe holder and double sided adhesive discs, although they can be used in other applications (e.g. bone, visceral measurements) and with other equipment (e.g. Iontophoresis). moorVMS-LDF users can specify combined laser Doppler and temperature probes.

The standard length for all probes is 2 metres. Longer lengths can be supplied on request (code PXL). A range of probe holders for these (and other) probes is available.

Moor Skin probe

Needle probes are amongst the most versatile designs. They can be used for surface measurements, inserted into tissue or used for single vessel measurements. The compact design also lends itself to measurements in tissues with restricted access, e.g. teeth, conjunctiva and where micromanipulation is required.

Probes can be fixed in position over tissue with a normal laboratory manipulator by clamping onto the black acetal shank.

Deeper measurements are possible by inserting the probe tip into tissue bulk, for which finer needles are suitable (VP4 and VP4s). The finest needles can be inserted directly into some tissues with the application of gentle pressure: for larger needles it may be necessary to puncture the tissue first with a hypodermic needle.

The use of specific probe holders can extend the application range of needle probes further still. Wet stick probe tips can be used to aid adhesion to moist/ mucosal surfaces. Dental putty can be used to create an individual probe holder for tooth measurement. Angled needle probes can be used to access hind teeth.

Although laser Doppler is not usually advocated for assessment of flow in single vessels, there is a role for the technique in the assessment of flow changes in small individual vessels. Moor manufactures a range of probe holders to aid this measurement.

Moor Skin probe

Low profile designs are either used where access is difficult (e.g. oral mucosa) or to reduce application pressure if the probe is to be covered by bandages. Various designs are available, including the titanium disc probe and the near flat silicon probe.

Moor Skin probe

Master/ single fibre probe system. Master probes are twin fibre designs, acting as a link between the monitor and the single fibre probe. The Master probe connects to the single fibre probe via an optical in-line connector (order code PCP).

This system offers a number of advantages over more conventional probe designs. The benefits include:

  • Small diameter probes (down to 250micron) for minimally invasive measurements.
  • Wide choice of single fibre probes for diverse measurements. Just connect a new probe for a change to muscle, cerebral, gastric, organ or endoscopic (etc.) applications. This represents an economic solution if you intend to sample at a number of different tissue sites with a limited number of LDF channels.
  • Single fibre probes are supplied with re-usable, detachable connectors (order code PCN). Probes can be sterilised easily for re-use or treated as disposable (see P10d, P10k,P10s-TCG). Moor Instruments can also supply the materials for you to construct your own single fibre probes.
  • For longer-term measurements the Master can be disconnected to leave the single fibre in position between measurement periods.

For more details on the Moor probes, including application & clinical notes, please visit Moor's website.

For pricing, availability and local support, please email or call us.

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