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Motorised Manipulators

The Sutter QUAD - A new dimension in micromanipulation!

Sutter Instrument has developed a very strong reputation as a manufacturer of both quality and innovative instrumentation. New from Sutter is the QUAD: the 4 axis micromanipulator system. We saw this on display at Society for Neuroscience: it takes up minimal bench space, has 4 independent axes, and impressive accuracy with resolution as detailed as 100nm!

The QUAD has some important attributes:

  • The fourth axis: puts an extra dimension in your research
  • Fanless: for quiet vibrationless operation
  • Push button control of multiple functions
  • User friendly and highly accurate
  • Compact controller with ROE: preserves your valuable bench space

Sutter QUAD Brochure

Sutter MP-285 Micromanipulator

The flagship of Sutter's micromanipulators. This compact manipulator uses precision stepping motors and gearing to achieve superb precision with easy yet very versatile control. It is compact enough for stage mounting, or several appropriate stands are available (see our stands page).

  • Highly stable - drift < 10 nm/hr at 24 ºC
  • Submicron resolution: 0.2 or 0.04 µm per step
  • 25 mm travel on all 3 axes; maximum speed 2.9 mm/s
  • Choice of input device: rotary knobs (illustrated) or joystick
  • Switch between continuous and single step motion
  • Continuous display of position, in µm
  • "Home" function for pipette exchange etc.
  • 4th axis (diagonal) motion with user-selected angle
  • Remote control via RS-232
  • Also available with the MPC-200 Controller, which will run 2 manipulators from a single controller (MPC-385 or MPC-385-2 package)

Sutter MP-225 Micromanipulator

Sutter's newest micromanipulator - an affordable unit with a slightly smaller feature set than the popular MP-285, primarily designed for patch and intracellular recording pipettes.

  • Highly stable - drift < 2 µm/hr
  • Submicron resolution: 0.06 to 2 µm per step
  • 25 mm travel on all 3 axes; maximum speed 1.0 mm/s
  • Rotary knobs (ROE) input device with position display & controls
  • Continuous display of position, in µm
  • "Home" and "Work" positions for pipette exchange etc.
  • 4th axis (diagonal) motion with 16 preset angles
  • Also available with the MPC-200 Controller, which will run 2 manipulators from a single controller (MPC-325 or MPC-325-2 package)

Siskiyou Motorised Manipulators

A range of motorised manipulators is available from Siskiyou Corporation, with exceptionally smooth linear travel and excellent specifications. Modular constructions allows for flexible configurations, such as low profile assembly where rig space is tight.

  • 1-, 3- and 4-axis models available, in right- or left-handed versions
  • Compatible with various Siskiyou mounting bases and platforms
  • Choice of joystick, rotary or button controllers
  • Max drift .1 m per hour under stable thermal conditions
  • Travel: 20mm, max speed 1.7 mm per second
  • Backlash: < 5m, point to point accuracy: + 2m

Marzhauser DC3K Manipulator

A popular economical manipulator suitable for less demanding applications. The manipulator has DC motors for all three axes, together with mechanical coarse adjustment. The x-axis drive (the pipette axis) may be tilted as shown. Requires a controller - the MS314 shown below or an optional joystick controller.

Marzhauser MS314 Controller

A controller for the DC3K manipulator. Each of the 3 axes has a pushbutton which gives a single step when pressed briefly, or continuous motion when held down. Both step size and speed are adjustable by the knobs shown. A hand-held remote controller is also available.

Marzhauser PM20 Piezo Manipulator

A single-axis piezo manipulator mounted on a DC3K manipulator, designed for efficient stabbing of microelectrodes into difficult tissue. The separate piezo controller allows for high-speed steps of up to 20 µm.

For support stands and mounting hardware, please see the Stands page.

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