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... Microdialysis Instruments CMA 142 Microfraction Collector The CMA 142 Microfraction Collector is a unique, stand-alone instrument dedicated for microdialysis sampling. Fractions ranging from 1 to 50 L ...
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... Microdialysis Probes Standard Microdialysis Probes from CMA. Custom probes are also available. CMA MD 7 Probe Ideal for CNS studies in small animals Ideal for chronic implantation ...
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... Microdialysis Pumps CMA 4004 Syringe Pump Four syringe carriage Ability to use non-standard syringe types Pulse free flow Flow rates from 0.54 pl/min to 11.70 ml/ ...
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... Microdialysis We are very pleased to offer Microdialysis equipment from CMA Microdialysis AB (a Harvard Appararus company). Microdialysis is a unique technique to monitor the chemistry ...
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... Biophysics Automated Cell Monitoring Biopac Data Acquisition Systems Bruxton Electrophysiologal Data Analysis BTX Electroporation Equipment CMA Microdialysis Systems Cedrus Simulus Presentation Software Digitimer Physiological Electronics Eicom Electrochemical Detection Hamamatsu CCD ...
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... Central Nervous System studies Perfusion Fluid T1 for peripheral tissues Split Tubing Enabling reuse of CMA 20 probes For more information and pricing details, please email us.© ...
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... A-M Systems Applied Biophysics Axon Instruments Biopac Bruxton Cell MicroControls CMA Compix Digitimer Hamamatsu Harvard Apparatus Heka Hokanson Instrutech Kopf Lumencor Marzhauser MCS Moor Nevrokard Noldus Okolab Omega Optical ...
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