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... Activity Instruments We are pleased to distribute a range of Animal Activity instruments from Panlab and Coulbourn Instruments (both Harvard Apparatus companies). This page shows only ...
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... self-heating when confined. Integrated Systems We supply integrated Rat BP systems from BIOPAC and Panlab. The BIOPAC system consists of an amplifier unit with built-in pump, plus ...
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... Autonomic System Analysis Noldus Behavioural Observation& Recording Okolab Microscope Incubators Omega Optical Optical Filters Panlab NIBP& Behavioural Physitemp Temperature Measurement Plexon Neurotechnology Systems Quest Scientific Noise Cancellation Rapp ...
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... Harvard Apparatus Heka Hokanson Instrutech Kopf Lumencor Marzhauser MCS Moor Nevrokard Noldus Okolab Omega Optical Panlab Physitemp Rapp OptoElectronic RedShirtImaging Rhodes Siskiyou SmartEye Stoelting Sutter TMC Ugo Basile Uniblitz Vincent ...
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