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... Mechanical Components Mechanical Laboratory Components from Siskiyou Corporation Siskiyou Corporation manufacture a large range of modular mechanical components for building experimental rigs. This page gives an overview- ...
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... include: stackable 15 wedges for tilting; 25 mm riser blocks; magnetic feet Siskiyou MX160 Micromanipulator The Siskiyou 4-axis MX160 incorporates fast-pitch, screw drive positioning, and ...
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... Photonic Components Photonics Components from Siskiyou Corporation Siskiyou Corporation manufacture a large range of modular photonics components for physics, engineering and the life sciences. This page gives ...
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... , with the utility of precise remote control and the economy of manual control. Siskiyou MX610& MX630 Smooth motion and instant response to hand adjustments makes the MX630 ...
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... which will run 2 manipulators from a single controller (MPC-325 or MPC-325-2 package) Siskiyou Motorised Manipulators A range of motorised manipulators is available from Siskiyou Corporation, with ...
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... A large Teflon washer ensures smooth rotation. Modular Stand Components Modular stand kits from Siskiyou Corporation. The MX512P is a versatile platform for mounting a variety of hardware ...
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... RedShirtImaging Ultra-Fast Imaging Saint Gobain Tygon and other tubing Sable Systems Metabolic& Activity Measurement Siskiyou Corporation Hardware for Microscopy& Photonics SmartEye Eye& Gaze Tracking Starr Life Sciences ...
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... Okolab Omega Optical Panlab Physitemp Plexon Quest Scientific Rapp Optoelectronic RedShirtImaging Saint Gobain Sable Systems Siskiyou SmartEye Starr Life Sciences Stoelting Sutter Thorlabs T&T Scientific TT Scientific TMC ...
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