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Oocyte Clamping

Warner OC-725C Oocyte Clamp

The OC-725C Oocyte Clamp amplifier is designed for two-electrode, whole-cell voltage clamping of Xenopus oocytes.Improvements to this version include an extended current measuring range, decreased noise level and the addition of a 4-pole Bessel filter.

Warner OC-725C Oocyte Clamp
  • Fast, stable voltage clamping without saturation
  • High gain: AC gain up to 2000, extra DC gain of up to 1E6
  • High compliance: ±180 V
  • Improved bath clamp headstage with 3-poisition multiplier
  • Ideal for clamping other large cells and cell structures such as squid axons
RC-3Z Oocyte Chamber

RC-3Z Oocyte Chamber

A simple, low-cost chamber for studies of oocytes and other large cell structures.

  • Two slot-shaped bath wells: narrow for fast perfusion and wide for easy access
  • Two isolated wells for agar bridge connections
  • Threaded holes for Warner bath headstage

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