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Peristaltic Pumps

NEW Harvard Peristaltic Pump

Harvard Apparatus is proud to introduce the Harvard Peristaltic Pump. This pump series offers unparalleled accuracy, reproducibility, and ease of use over a broad range of flow rates. Consisting of a control unit and a choice of motor drives, the pump can deliver solutions over a range of flow rates from 0.001 to 1,500 ml/min depending on the motor drive used.

Three interchangeable motor drive modules provide flow over the following ranges:

  • P-70, From 0.001 to 70 ml/min
  • P-230, From 0.001 to 230 ml/min
  • P-1500, From 0.001 to 1,500 ml/min

The Harvard Peristaltic Pump offers many benefits not available in other designs including:

  • The ability to separate the motor drive from the controller to facilitate use, and save space in incubators and fume hoods.
  • A library of various tubing sizes is stored in the pump's memory to allow the user to minimize setup time. The pump also accommodates manual entry for entering tubing sizes not contained in the library.
  • A full range of interchangeable motor drives to allow for economical ease of use over a broad flow rate range.

The Harvard Peristaltic Pump has advanced user options and other capabilities, including:

  • Remote initiated start/stop times
  • Communication with external devices through 15-pin I/O
  • Constant pressure through BNC
  • Single Channel or combined channel mode for setting flow rate
  • Timed Dispense: Dispenses for a fixed time at a set flow rate
  • Volume Dispense: Dispenses a fixed volume on start
  • Foot Switch Control Option
  • Analog Control Option
  • Bidirectional Delivery

Download the full data sheet.

Mini Peristaltic Pump

The MPII Mini Peristaltic Pump gives continuous low flow rates suitable slow perfusion studies or controlled animal feeding.

  • Can be used with one or two tubes, 1.6 mm ID x 3.2 mm OD
  • Two speed ranges gives rates of 0.8 ml/min to 24.5 ml/min
  • Tube is easy to load
  • Low electrical and mechanical noise
Mini Peristaltic Pump
66 and 77 Pumps

66 and 77 Pumps

The 66 and 77 Pumps provide highly accurate and repeatable flow rates, and are easy to use.

  • LED display and membrane control panel
  • Three modes: continuous, set volume, or timed batch
  • 66 Pump: flow rate 0.01 to 210 ml/min
  • 77 Pump: flow rate 0.01 to 750 ml/min
  • RS-232 Interface; optional footswitch
Compact Peristaltic Pump

Compact Peristaltic Pumps

The Model 720 Peristaltic Pump series gives compactness and low EMI with a wide range of flow rates.

  • Three models, with 0.02-15 ml/hr, 0.2-180 ml/hr or 2-1800 ml/hr
  • Designed for low EMI - especially suitable for intracellular recordings
  • Inbuilt battery will run the pump for up to 30 hours (not available in high rate model)
  • External analog control
  • Momentary prime/purge button runs the pump at full speed
Liquid Metering Diaphragm Pump

Liquid Metering Diaphragm Pump

Not strictly peristaltic, but perhaps just what you need. A clever diaphragm pump with flow rates from 0.08 to 80 ml/min.

  • Can be run dry, indefinitely
  • Self priming
  • Suitable for corrosive liquids (especially Premium version)
  • Computer controlled model available (with Windows software)

Other pumps are available - please email us with your requirements.

For further details, please see Harvard's online catalog pages.

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