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PhenoTyper is a versatile video-based observation system for automation of behavioral tests with rats or mice.


Thanks to its clever features and products with which it is compatible, PhenoTyper can be used for a variety of behavioral tests. PhenoTyper is most commonly used to assess rodent behavior in an interactive home cage environment during multiple circadian cycles in succession. For this, we offer several PhenoTyper accessories, including shelters & feeders.

Multiple PhenoTyper units can be controlled simultaneously to facilitate high throughput screening of pharmacological compounds or mutant models.


  • Enables video recording independent of ambient light conditions
  • Allows activation of visual and acoustical stimuli inside the cage
  • Extendable with different monitoring add-ons and home cage equipment
  • Compatible with different products for video and signal analysis


PhenoTyper consists of a top unit and a cage.

The top unit contains multiple IR LED sources and an IR-sensitive video camera to record video inside the cage that is independent of ambient light conditions; a white spot light to create a light gradient inside the cage; and a yellow light and buzzer that can act as cues. Together with the white spot light, these stimuli can be automatically activated by EthoVision software, depending on the behavior displayed by an animal.

The cage underneath the top unit can be customized according to the application. Walls come in different sizes to make the surface area of the cage either 30x30 cm (12x12 inch) or 45x45 cm (18x18 inch). Different types of walls in both sizes are available that allow various accessories to be attached to these walls such as a shelter, feeder and water bottle.


The type of analysis that can be performed with PhenoTyper depends on the compatible products that are used with PhenoTyper. The video captured by PhenoTyper can be fed into a computer that runs the EthoVision software for automated video analysis of place preference and locomotion endpoints (see video clip on the right) as well as analysis of input delivered by the monitoring add-ons, or The Observer software for interactive analysis of detailed behaviors (e.g. social interaction).

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