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Physiological Sciences

We supply & support a very wide range of equipment for the Physiological Sciences


Animal Sciences Anaesthesia, ventilators, surgical equipment, animal handling, animal activity, & body composition
Cardiovascular Blood pressure & flow; cardiac electrophysiology
Data Acquisition Physiological data acquisition systems & recorders, plus transducers & telemetry
Electrophysiology Everything for electrophysiology - from patch clamp systems to micropipette glass
Exercise Physiology Human exercise physiology & sports medicine
Hardware Hardware items for experimental rigs in physiology, engineering or physics
Isolated Organ Isolated organ bath systems & accessories
Neuroscience Multi-electrode array systems, and stereotaxic systems
Physiology Teaching Integrated physiological teaching systems
Psychophysiology Stimulus presentation & physiological response measurement; Eye tracking systems
Respiratory Oximetry & capnometry, pneumotachometers, and accessories

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