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Micropipette Making

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Sutter P-1000 Micropipette Puller

Sutter's horizontal pipette pullers have becomes the world's standard high-precision pipette puller. The P-87 puller, and its replacement the P-97, revolutionised pipette fabrication, largely by using a velocity sensor to trip the hard pull, instead of a microswitch as used on most pullers. This single innovation instantly gave better reproducibility, because pipettes are pulled at particular glass viscosity and flow of glass at the tip is properly controlled.

The next generation, the P-1000 micropipette puller, is a further development of the P-87/P-97 series. The most obvious new feature is the color touchscreen display that provides an intuitive and full-featured interface.

Features of the P-1000 include:

  • Color touch-screen interface
  • Safe heat mode to protect and extend filament life
  • Pipette Cookbook program directory
  • Line repeat mode simplifies multi-line programming
  • Help topics and error detection
  • Glossary with micropipette and puller terminology
  • Copy & Paste function for writing new programs
  • Jaw temperature sensor helps define ideal pulling conditions
  • Record of last two pull results
  • Ramp test more easily accessed and can now be stored and referenced within each program. Helps to establish program heat settings and protect filament.
  • Two symmetrical pipettes with each pull
  • Self-contained air supply with filtration system and humidity control chamber
  • Memory storage for up to 100 programs
  • Two cooling modes: time and delay
  • Please see the next page for filaments
Sutter P-97 Micropipette Puller

Sutter P-97 Micropipette Puller

Features of the P-97 include:

  • Exceptional reproducibility from pull to pull
  • Environmental chamber around the pipette tips
  • Consistent and reliable electrodes with tip diameters less than 0.1 µm
  • Two symmetrical pipettes with each pull
  • Automatically looping cycles for patch pipettes
  • Programmable air pressure
  • Storage for 100 programs, each lockable and date stamped
  • Ramp test quickly establishes heating with a new filament or glass size
  • Pre-installed sample programs for intracellular & patch pipettes
  • Self-contained air supply with filtration system and humidity control
  • Please see the next page for filaments
Sutter P-2000 Micropipette Puller

Sutter P-2000 Micropipette Puller

This unique puller uses a CO2 laser as the heating source, and hence is able to pull both ordinary glasses and pure quartz pipettes. Quartz has exceptional properties for many research applications: high strength, absence of metal ions, low electrical noise, & absence of fluorescence.

  • Capable of pulling quartz, borosilicate and aluminosilicate glass
  • Fully programmable including heating filament characteristics
  • No filament to burn out
  • Pulls electrodes with tip diameters < 0.03 µm
  • Expected laser operating life > 10 years before factory refurbishment
  • Storage for 100 programs, each lockable and date stamped
  • Pre-installed sample programs for intracellular & patch pipettes
  • Optionally configured for optical fibres and nanospray tips
Sutter P-30 Micropipette Puller

Sutter P-30 Micropipette Puller

The P-30 vertical puller is designed for pulling basic micropipettes and patch pipettes, with tips down to 0.3 µm and moderate taper lengths (10-15 mm).

  • Micrometer adjusted trip point
  • Full three digit digital controls for accurate setting of heat and pull values
  • Constant current power supplies for filament and pull solenoid
  • Dual (manually) switched heat settings for patch pulling
  • Enclosed front to reduce variability caused by draughts
  • Two heating assemblies available; platinum/iridium (recommended) or Nichrome coil
  • Rubber padded jaws to minimize breakage of capillary tubing
  • Uses a minimum of bench space
  • Please see the next page for filaments
Sutter BV-10 Beveller

Sutter BV-10 Beveller

The BV-10 offers precision beveling of micropipette tips between 0.1 and 50 µm. The unique abrasive plate drive system is vibration free for greater control of the beveling process. Beveling can be accomplished very rapidly to produce consistent tip diameters.

  • Vibration free magnetically coupled beveling surface
  • Abrasive surface optically flat to a half wave (250 nm)
  • Finest abrasive surface commercially available
  • Synchronous clock motor insures stable rotation rate
  • 3 kg steel baseplate adds additional dampening
  • Integrated halogen lamp
  • Robust micromanipulator controlling bevel angle and advancement
  • Optional 80X stereo microscope
  • Optional Impedance meter for use during bevelling

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