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A range of disposable plastic items for laboratory use.

Please note that these items are supplied non-sterile and are not for medical use.

The items listed are normally in stock for immediate delivery. Prices shown are in AU$ and are exclusive of GST. Delivery will extra - normally AU$25 for an overnight satchel. We have a miniumum order of AU$20, and payment may be made by credit card or via an institutional order.

Please enquire if you require items which are not shown.


GroupPart No.DescriptionMaterialsImageList AU$
CapsQP11171Cap, female for ML nonvented whiteABSImage$0.40
CapsQP12086Cap, Female for ML vented redABSImage$0.20
CapsQP65353Cap, Male for Female Luers, Nonvented, whiteABSImage$0.20
CapsQP65287Cap, Male for Female Luers, Vented, redABSImage$0.30
CheckvalvesQP80107Valve 1-way, FL in ML outPC, SIImage$2.30
CheckvalvesQP91008Valve, 1-way high flow fits 3/16 OD tubingACR, SIImage$6.90
CheckvalvesQP91029Valve, 1-way high flow barbed fits 1/4 OD tubingACR, SIImage$8.90
CheckvalvesQP91030Valve, 1-way high flow barbed fits 3/8 OD tubingACR, SIImage$8.90
ClampsQP13700Securing clamp for 1/4 tubingNYImage$0.80
ClampsQP13703Securing clamp for 3/8 tubingNYImage$0.80
Dispensing TipsQP11515Curved Dispensing Tip with 20 gauge Stainless Steel Blunt NeedlePPR, SSImage$0.40
Dispensing TipsQP11157Curved Fine Dispensing Tip, WhitePPRImage$1.70
FiltersQP28203Hydrophilic Filter, FLL to ML 0.2 MicronACR, SUImage$8.30
Flow ControlQP14044Pinch Valve, fits 5/16 - 3/8 OD tubingACEImage$34.10
Flow ControlQP14043Pinch Valve, fits 5/32 - 1/4 OD tubing ACEImage$12.00
Flow ControlQP14010Roller clamp, fits 3/16 OD tubingPPR, PSTImage$0.70
Flow ControlQP13576Stem Screw ClampHDPE, PPRImage$2.90
ForcepsQP16509Forceps, precision s/s 100 mmSSImage$1.00
ForcepsQP16540Forceps, very fine curved tip 115 mmACEImage$6.90
ForcepsQP16539Forceps, very fine straight tip 115 mmmACEImage$6.90
LuersQP11520Barb to FLL for 1/16 ID TubingNYImage$1.00
LuersQP11536Barb to FLL for 1/8 ID TubingPPRImage$1.20
LuersQP11546Barb to FLL for 3/32 ID TubingPCImage$1.30
LuersQP13136FLL to FLL ConnectorABSImage$0.70
LuersQP11545Barb to MLL for 1/16 ID TubingPPRImage$1.50
LuersQP11549Barb to MLL for 1/8 ID TubingPPRImage$1.50
LuersQP11547Barb to MLL for 3/32 ID TubingPPRImage$1.50
LuersQP12090MLL to MLL ConnectorPPRImage$0.40
LuersQP99158Metal Barb to FLL for 1/16 - 3/32 ID tubingNPBImage$11.70
LuersQP99157Metal Barb to FLL for 1/8 - 3/16 ID tubingNPBImage$12.60
LuersQP99160Metal Barb to MLL for 1/4 - 5/16 ID tubingNPBImage$13.30
StopcocksQP138121-Way Stopcock, FLL to ML, White Handle, 1.3 MpaACE, PCImage$7.20
StopcocksQP138133-Way Stopcock, 2 FLL to MLL, White Handle, 1.3 MpaACE, PCImage$7.20
SyringesQPC1082Syringe 3 cc Monoject PPR, PISImage$0.40
SyringesQPC1084Syringe 6 cc Monoject PPR, PISImage$0.70
SyringesQPC1086Syringe 12 cc Monoject PPR, PISImage$0.90
SyringesQPC1090Syringe 20 cc Monoject PPR, PISImage$1.90
SyringesQPC1094Syringe 60 cc Monoject PPR, PISImage$3.10
SyringesQPC1108Syringe 140 cc Monoject (was ZY0002)PPR, PISImage$15.00
T ConnectorsQP22100T Connector, 5-In-1 fits 7 mm - 13 mm OD tubePPRImage$5.00
T ConnectorsQP80144T Connector, 2 FLL 1 MLPCImage$2.10

Materials listed above are as follows

Material CodeMaterialAutoclavable
HDPEHigh Density PolyethyleneNo
NPBNickel Plated BrassYes
SSStainless SteelYes


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