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Stimulus Presentation

SuperLab 4 from Cedrus remains the easiest way to create an experiment, run it on subjects, and collect reaction time data.

  • Mac OS X (10.4 or later) and Windows 7/Vista/XP.
  • Playing movies
  • Stimulus lists
  • Support for JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF files
  • Built-in support for RSVP and self-paced reading
  • Improved support for fMRI and EEG/ERP
  • Trial variables
  • Conditional branching (if/then/else)
  • Multiple input devices in the same experiment

Response Pads & Accessories

RB Series Response Pads from Cedrus are high quality, ergonomic, and practical devices that are compatible with all major stimulus presentation packages, including E-Prime, Presentation, and SuperLab.

  • USB-based
  • Smart devices that measure the participant's reaction time in hardware
  • Time resolution of 1 ms (around 10x better than a PC keyboard)
  • Provide simplicity for your experimental subjects
  • Exchangeable key colours and customisable key tops for flexibility in experiment design

Stimtracker Universal ERP/EEG Interface. Designed to send event markers to a parallel port, Stimtracker comes complete with an interface kit for your ERG/EMG system, giving instant compatibity with ADInstruments, BIOPAC, BioSemi, Brain Products, and MindWare.

Lumina fMRI Response Pads. The Lumina LP-400 is a reliable patient response system designed specifically for use in an fMRI. Lumina was developed to satisfy the requirements of both the clinical and research fields. The system includes:

  • A controller providing TTL and serial port output that is compatible with E-Prime, Presentation, SuperLab, Cambridge Research Systems, and other packages
  • A response pads, or button response unit (6 configurations). All models are built from 100% fiber optics and plastic, and come with 4.8 m of fiber optic cables.
  • Two 20 m shielded cables; optional filter for the penetration panel; optical-electrical convertor; AC adaptor; USB-serial convertor and cables.

Response Recording

BIOPAC data acquisition example

The BIOPAC series of Data Acquisition Systems are ideal for recording a variety of physiological parameters and response events in the psychophysiology laboratory.

  • Autonomic Nervous System Studies
  • Evoked Response
  • Event-Related Potential (P300 Tests)
  • Startle Eye Blink Experiments
  • Sexual Arousal Studies
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Auditory & Visual Evoked Response Testing

BIOPAC Hardware options & features of special interest to the psychophysiologist include:

  • Skin conductance amplifier & electrodes
  • Pulse plethysmograph amplifier & transducer - for easy heart rate measurement
  • Amplifiers for EEG, ECG, EMG and evoked responses
  • Amplifiers & transducers for respiration & temperature
  • Stimulator module and stroboscope
  • Push-button and variable response inputs

The BIOPAC STP100W is a Stimulus Presentation System comprising Cedrus Corporation's SuperLab software, digital I/O card & support package, six-pushbutton response box and keycap kit, and an optical interface to the BIOPAC UIM100C. The latter allows synchronisation and timing data exchange between the SuperLab and MP160 or MP36R systems, while maintaining the full isolation of the latter.

The combined systems (running on two separate computers) can present visual stimuli on a computer screen, or auditory stimuli via headphones or speakers, and simultaneously (1ms resolution) capture timing and any other physiological data. The SuperLab software can be used to change the placement of visual stimuli on the screen, change the screens background color, choose from a variety of input and timing options, and provide feedback to subjects based on either response or reaction time. Different trigger channels can be paired to different visual or auditory stimuli to perform sophisticated evoked response averaging tests (e.g. P300).

STP100W System (SuperLab)

For more detail on BIOPAC Data Acquisition Systems, please see our Data Acquisition pages.

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