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Radnoti Perfusion Systems

Radnoti Heart Perfusion Systems

Radnoti Heart Perfusion Systems

Research perfusion systems for isolated heart preparations. Models are available for Working Heart Recirculation, and Langendorff recirculating or non-recirculating at constant pressure or constant flow.

  • Completely water jacketed for excellent temperature control
  • Colour-coded modular glass construction for easy assembly & disassembly
  • Wide selection of cannulae and unique heart chamber constructions
  • Wide range of accessories, including electrodes & transducers
Radnoti Liver Perfusion System

Radnoti Liver Perfusion System

Suitable for both rats and mice, using in-vivo or in-vitro preparations.

  • Completely water jacketed for excellent temperature control
  • Complete system includes pump and thermostated circulator
  • Wide range of optional accessories, including transducers and automated valves
Radnoti Blood Vessel Perfusion

Radnoti Blood Vessel Perfusion

Designed for blood vessel research in endothelial function, metabolism, and the release of endogenous neurotransmitters and vasoactive substances.

  • Consists of blood pressure perfusion cap, 25 ml tissue bath, and blood pressure transducer.
  • Supplied with stimulating electrodes and 5 sets of cannulae (1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 mm OD)
High-Tech Heart Chamber

Radnoti High-Tech Heart Chamber

An essential component of the complete systems shown above, Heart Chambers are also available separately.

  • Fully water jacketed with Quick Disconnect fittings
  • Independent mounting of lid and chamber for easy access
  • Side access port for electrodes, thermocouples or optical probe
  • Four top access ports
Radnoti Water Jacketed Reservoirs

Radnoti Reservoirs and Oxygenators

A range of heavy-duty borosilicate glass components specifically for perfusion systems.

  • Jacketed reservoirs (illustrated) in 0.5, 1 and 2 lite capacity
  • Oxygenating bubblers to suit reservoirs
  • Buffer reservoirs - for re-warming perfusate prior to recirculation
  • Adaptors, manifolds, injection ports, and bubble traps are also available
Radnoti Liver Perfusion Chamber

Radnoti Liver Perfusion Chamber

A jacketed circular chamber for in-vitro liver perfusion.

  • Flat-bottomed with a side-mounted drain
  • Three cannulae ports for perfusion and bile samples
  • Threaded top mount for optical probe
Radnoti Tissue Vessels

Radnoti Tissue Vessels

A range of tissue baths in different forms and sizes for most isolated tissue work.

  • Hi-tech bath with built-in warming coil, in 5 sizes 2 - 50 ml
  • Standard research vessel without coil, in 5 sizes 2 - 50 ml
  • Micro tissue bath with built-in electrodes
  • Quiet Tissue vessel, for oxygenation without vibration affecting force measurements (illustrated)
  • Tissue baths for large organs (45 or 100 mm deep x 95 mm ID)
  • Preparatory tissue bath, for temperature and oxygen controlled tissue preparation
Radnoti Electrodes & Supports

Radnoti Electrodes & Supports

A range of tissue supports and stimulating electrodes for tissue baths. Electrodes are platinum, and L-type, ring-type, vertical-type and stimulating electrodes (illustrated are available.

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